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Reflecting Reverses

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I took these by shooting the mirror in my curio cabinet. Thus all the reflections are reflecting around me, and everything is the opposite; including me. Meaning the dining room table in the top photo is really on the opposite side, and the stairs in the bottom one on the opposite side, and literally everything you see reflecting is really the opposite. So now are you thoroughly confused? I hope you enjoy my fun!

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Anonymous Guest


Gorgeous Lady with Her Great Magnificent Art and Beautiful collection of decorative boxes!!!FANTASTIC Creative Artistic captures,my Friend!!!You radiate in each photo!!!You are a Treasure of Friend!!!Hugs...Dee :)

Teresa Dominici 03 Aug 2012

Beautiful capture of you and your collection boxes!

Eva Britt 02 Aug 2012

Fantastic photo I enjoy it very much!!! What an impressive collection you have there in the curio cabinet Good Night from Sweden :-)

Don Struke 27 Jul 2012

Aha, so you ARE in a parallel universe. Either way, you look just great!

Julie Mayser 25 Jul 2012

So your curio cabinet made it to Florida with no broken shelves! Clever shot of you, your collection of boxes, the art in the background!