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Another 80's acrylic painting whose fate is unknown to me. It was, I think, 24 by 36 inches. I did this one by looking in a large mirror and painting what I saw---kind of. Original Jones Art still hand-generated in Austin, Texas.


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Patricia Passaris 11 Oct 2012

De-light-ful...love the hues.

Artist Reply: Thanks, Patricia! I used a very limited palette which allowed me to work with some speed. Acrylic dries so quickly, though I did use a retarder even then. Hope you are doing great! :)

Ruth Kauffman 05 Jul 2012

This is amazing, Charles! I have never tried doing that and probably never will! LOL

Monica Bianchini 12 Jun 2012

I'd love to ask why with no eyes... lovely work!

Artist Reply: Monica, it was a long time ago, but I think it was because my eyes were being used exclusively to translate the image to my hand at that moment. Everytime I'd look into my own eyes, it took me away from the painting itself; it reminded me I was painting myself, made me self-conscious. I tried to do this FAST, as I recall. I 'could' have gone in after the fact and added eyes, but undoubtedy made a conscious decision not to. Thank you for asking. :)

John Cappello 12 May 2012


Chris Roukema 12 May 2012

Cool Work, Charles! Now Your going to get Me digging out all My old Work!

Artist Reply: Thanks, Chris! Yeah, I have several other photos I've found recently. I have one pretty 'normal' still life also. I mostly painted in acrylic, though I remember a few oils, one being a piece titled, "The Prince of Sphinxes." I still have that one.