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Oh my God, what a bad google trtoilaasnn :) ahahahFirst: it's a very good review, because I appreciated a lot the novel.Second: I translated in italian the title Deadweather and Sunrise , that it's not Dead Time and Smile (but we use the same word for weather and time) :DGoogle has many limits.I prefer to read some novels in english because I found many bad trtoilaasnns in italian They change the names of places, characters and so on and I don't like that.I look forward to read the second novel, but I think I have to wait until the next May Maya permitting :DPS for Geoff: the right word is grazie , not grazi , but you're welcome ;)

kevin ong'any 09 Oct 2012

beautiful work daniele..keep it up..

Artist Reply: Thanks ;)

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Thanks, Louie :)