Raspberry Beret

As (The artist formerly known as) Prince once crooned: "She wore a raspberry beret....the kind you find in a second hand store!" Well, I just love that song, and it inspired me to create this painting. It depicts a beautiful, sexy, blonde lady wearing (of course!) a raspberry colored beret on her head. She has gigantic light green eyes, two round spots of pink blush on her cheeks and big, red, pouty lips. Her head is quite large (exaggerated in size) and her neck is incredibly tiny and skinny in comparison, making her look a bit like a doll (maybe even like one of those "bobble-head" dolls that nod when you touch it?) - of course this was done on purpose to accentuate the folk art feeling of the piece. She is wearing a burnt orange v-neck sweater, and a choker necklace. The background is a very light baby blue, which contrasts beautifully with the red beret, as well as her orange sweater. I have painted on a decorative "faux" brown frame (leaving about an inch of white area, meant to resemble a white matt) and embellished it with a pattern all around the edges. With her big, red lips, blonde hair and green eyes, she's such a knockout, it's no wonder why Prince fell for her! This painting has been given two coats of varnish for protection and intensity/enhancement of colors. Hope you like it!

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