Mink Car (Driven By a Guitar!)

This is a unique and wacky piece of art for any TMBG (They Might Be Giants!) fan! They Might Be Giants is the name of a rock band that John Linnell (accordion, keyboards, woodwinds, vocals) and John Flansburgh (guitar, vocals) formed. The band's lyrics are highly unusual, incorporating some very sophisticated allusions and imagery. This piece was inspired by their last CD, "Mink Car".... One of the lines in the lyrics is: "I got hit by a mink car, hit by a mink car, driven by a GUITAR!! " and I thought - what a perfectly inspired idea for a painting! So, here is my artistic vision of a mink car being driven by a guitar. It is acrylic on gallery-wrapped stretched canvas, and quite large at 20x20" (and 1.5" deep, so it juts out from the wall a bit). I have initialed it on the lower right hand side. The background sky is a deep, bright blue with some twinkling silver stars (that are slightly raised from the canvas, giving it a slight 3D effect), and a big bright yellow-orange moon hangs over the scene. I outlined the moon with special "3D" paint, so the outline is also slightly "raised" from the canvas. The red guitar is animated with a face and hair and arms and is grasping the windshield. The mink car is a convertible, and it's license plate reads: "TMBG". It has 2 bright yellow headlights, and the hood is red, while the rest of the car is of course MINK. The sides of the painting are painted black. I show multiple pics here, from several angles. If you have any questions, please email me.

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sher richardson 20 Aug 2004

you smiled all the way through this one ... very cute and nicely designed... thanks for another smile : )