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More Columbia Restaurant

The Columbia Restaurant was established in 1905 and is now famous. Its cuisine is Spanish, and it is artistically beautiful inside and out. I hope you enjoy!


Anonymous Guest

Jan van Baarle 24 Aug 2011

very beautiful

Karen Helsing 16 Aug 2011

Artistically beautiful is right!

John Cappello 13 Aug 2011

Those Tiles and fine mosaics always convey a wonderful sense of freedom and vast spaces with the arches. Must be A great place to Eat!

lillianhibiscus 13 Aug 2011

This is certainly a stunning building.

KC CHANG 12 Aug 2011


Geoff Cooper 12 Aug 2011

Great pictures Sharon.

surekha rao 12 Aug 2011

Lovely paintings and decor here, Sharon! Beautiful place!

Nelly van Nieuwenhuijzen 12 Aug 2011

wow, love it!!!

david snider 11 Aug 2011

if i am not mistaken there is a moorish influence really is a piece of art..where is it located? would love to take a meal there..

Julie Mayser 11 Aug 2011

Such a beautiful and ornate restaurant! Thanks for taking us along in your pocket, Sharon!!! :-)

BILL NAGY 11 Aug 2011


Warren Ballard 11 Aug 2011

Beautiful photos Sharon.

Kate Gallagher 11 Aug 2011

Looks like a wonderful place -- great photos!

James Carney 11 Aug 2011

Very nice place.

Donald Schrier 11 Aug 2011

I love the entrance way and the murals on the wall and the tile paterns on the entrance way.

Shannon Slaydon 11 Aug 2011

What a beautiful restaurant, Sharon!

Marie Leveaux 11 Aug 2011

Oh wow look at that door!! So amazing!! My favorite part about it is the little ship over the top of the doorway. And what intricate, cool tile work! Thank you Sharon for sharing this lovely restaurant with us, and super job at capturing its magnificent artistry!

mel taylor 11 Aug 2011


Annette Labedzki 11 Aug 2011

wow, fantastic!! are we in Spain? my POD

Brenda Loveless 11 Aug 2011

beautiful indeed!

Donna PierceClark 11 Aug 2011

Just gorgeous architecture!!

Ingrid Kolster 11 Aug 2011

What a beautiful place and your photos show us the interesting restaurant. Thank you Sharon for the information.

Anneke Hut 11 Aug 2011

Sharon, it must be an honour to eat there! What a beautiful restaurant!

Vincent von Frese 11 Aug 2011

Amazing art work on the ceramics murals!

Lorna Skeie 11 Aug 2011

You are making me hungry! Looks like a beautiful place

Sigridur Bachmann 11 Aug 2011

Wow ! What a impressive outlook ! Great Photos !

Joanie Holliday 11 Aug 2011

WOW, Just beautiful designs. Very impressive .... Great shots. Sharon.. You should visit Lake Placid. Fl. Just wonderful art work on most all the town buildings.. Small town with fabulous murals.. Joanie

Cynthia Stayte 11 Aug 2011

Such a pretty building Sharon and a great capture, how's the food?