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Coming Back from the Studio

Upper photo: "AGULAT HA'ENAIM" = Rounded eYeS, Kushkushina, my favorite delicate cat, who visits the Studio's garden every day.
Bottom photo is the tree, I see everyday, on my way to and back from the studio, the fence in the background is the fence to my son's high school.
Thanks for visiting and commenting.
May we all have a DELIGHTFUL HAPPY Weekend!.. Love from Israel.
Copyrights (c) Nira Dabush.

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Anonymous Guest (IP:

joost 08 Jul 2011

Great...Great Nira.

KC CHANG 07 Jul 2011


Karen Helsing 04 Jul 2011


Izabella Pavlushko 03 Jul 2011

Great composition with the black cat, Nira ! Love it !

Artist Reply: Thanks dear Iza.. Glad that you enjoy my post... Good evening!

marie-claire gallet 03 Jul 2011

Lovely cat with wonderful eyes !!! Love the background !! Have a lovely Sunday Nira !

Artist Reply: Marie thanks for visiting... Enjoy the day!

Nelly van Nieuwenhuijzen 03 Jul 2011

soooo BEAUTIFUL!!!! MY POD!!!!!

Artist Reply: Thanks so much dear Neeltje... love from Israel.

Thom Roslan 03 Jul 2011

Just Love the Black Cat image......very "KooL" surreal background.....Love what your doing in Photoshop......Keep Going ! ! !

Artist Reply: Hello Thomi... Indeed I keep going, that is walking more... :-).. I hope you do walks too... THanks!!


Sweet gorgeous cat on the top photo with stunning effects,my Dear Friend!!!Spectacular looking tree with amazing effects,my Friend!!!OUTSTANDING photo Art!!!Looks like you are blessed with a dear little friend that loves to visit you!!!Hope you and your Beautiful Family,have a Fantastic Beautiful Day full of Joy Peace and Love!!!((((Hugs)))),Dee&David :):)

Artist Reply: Thanks so much, Dee... the tree of Peace and LOVE... Olive tree, for the Peace in shape of an heart to express it's LOVE... Prayers for you and David.. HUGS..!!

Rebecca Mullan 02 Jul 2011

Incredibly lovely photos Nira ! Those eyes are so beautiful! Love the tree - can feel the life energy of it. Is it just me or do you see a heart-shape too ?

Artist Reply: Hi there, Becky..Indeed it has the heart-shape feel to it.. it was not cut this way, but grew this way, perhaps to express it's LOVE to the universe.. Thanks for visiting..

Anonymous Guest (IP: 02 Jul 2011

The kitty even has dreamy eyes :-))) - what a little cutie! And the olive tree is very beautiful, but they all are, aren't they! Each one totally unique in shape and form! Shavua tov, Chamuda! T. xxx

Artist Reply: Thanks a lot dear Trixi'le...GOOD DAY!

John Cappello 02 Jul 2011

First Rate! Amazed at the Imagination. Exciting and, Really illuminating,

Artist Reply: Thanks a lot dear John.. regards.

Anneke Hut 02 Jul 2011

I have never seen such a tree, it's beautiful! And I love the dreamy eyes of your sweet cat. Happy weekend, Nira! :)

Artist Reply: Dear Annekke.. This is an Olive tree, we have quite a lot in Israel. Our town has now, several squares like this with Green light at night. The tree near by, in this photo, has the shape of an heart.. I don't think it was cut this way, but grew naturally this way... The cat is very sweet, and need an affection mostly.. very connected to me, each time that i comes in. She is delicate.. HAPPY DAY!

M Smith 02 Jul 2011

Great pics! I can see why that's your favorite cat!

Artist Reply: Thanks so much!!!!!!!!!!!!

Geoff Cooper 02 Jul 2011

Great pictures Nira, goodnight

Artist Reply: Thanks a lot dear friend.. regards.

metin topa 02 Jul 2011

the first one is a nice rendering and the second has awsome colouring..both are wonderful images..

Artist Reply: Thanks a lot dear friend.. regards.

Anonymous Guest (IP: 02 Jul 2011

very nice my friend

Artist Reply: Thanks a lot dear friend.. regards.

Emily Reed 02 Jul 2011

Delightful art, Nora!

Artist Reply: Thanks a lot dear friend.. regards.
Artist Reply: Thanks a lot dear friend.. regards.

ruth sears 02 Jul 2011

that bottom image is amazing,love the red/green contrast,and the top one so cute,looks just like our little Lucy at work.

Artist Reply: Thanks a lot dear friend.. regards.

Kate Gallagher 02 Jul 2011

Fabulous capture Nira

Artist Reply: Thanks a lot dear friend.. regards.

Stefani Wehner 02 Jul 2011

Love your black beauty and the tree is a real eye-candy,Nira. Love from Paris.....

Artist Reply: Thanks a lot dear friend.. regards... love from Israel.

Cynthia Stayte 02 Jul 2011

Beautiful Nira, Love the cat, and such pretty green eyes it has, great capture on all!!

Artist Reply: Thanks a lot dear friend.. regards.

Eva Britt 02 Jul 2011

What a beautiful cat Nira! Really a nice guest for you at the studio I also love the tree and the beautiful flowers there. I have my vacation now and we are at the cottage. Having a wonderful time here! Wishing you a wonderful weekend. Sending my love from Sweden /EBA

Artist Reply: Thank you, EBA, My dear friend.. I visit daily the studio, though don't work much there now, my kids are on summer vacation too.. Sending my love from Israel.. ENJOY SUMMER!