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John Cappello 21 Jun 2015

So Sensational! It's fascinating

Anonymous Guest (IP: 10 Mar 2011

Hello my friend Ruth:) I embarked on this journey called life over 72 years ago. Born in Germany in 1938, and coming to the Sates in 1958, you can imagine that it has been a colorful trip. There are many memories of all kinds dancing into my creative process, wanting a part in it. I let them, though many times I'm feel like they want to do one dance while I'm doing another one. I love this country and want the best for it and its people (that includes me). If I have been watching a movie called America, then I have a feeling that John Wayne is about to make an entrance to take care of matters....... that's the best way I can put it. Have a great day!

ruth sears 10 Mar 2011

Highly pleasing work Helmut,your latest all seem to lead somewhere,are you embarking on a journey to be creating these themes?