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- Spring Song - Songs Without Words

Floral abstract with lots of texture.
Hoover over the painting with the QuickZoom to see all details.
You should see this painting live: I can't seem to capture this explosive and colorful painting in a photo!

One of the Elements of Art is TEXTURE.
I love the experimental and imaginative way of adding alternate materials to create an interesting texture.

Texture is the quality of a surface (Rough, Slick, Smooth, Grainy)
Texture in a painting is "the feel" of the canvas. It can be based on the paint and its application or adding additional materials such as ribbon, metal, wood, lace, leather, sand, etc.

Texture in painting stimulates two different senses: visual and tactile.
This makes it a unique element of art.

For this painting I used different mixed media and techniques such as acrylics, sanding, scraping, scratching. layering this abstract and creating depth.

2nd Photo:
Another way of texturize a painting:
I like to see the "history" of a painting, such as the edges of the painting: they reveal a "history".
Mine are not smoothened out, but are from another painting underneath.

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Anonymous Guest (IP:

M Smith 24 Sep 2011

Beautiful! So many wonderful colors!

Danielle Baron 02 Apr 2011

exactly what i see when I look at flowers!

Cole McLester 27 Feb 2011

Must be Mardi Gras.

Olga Naletova 26 Feb 2011

Wonderful explosion of colours! Cool!!

Bernhard Mueller 24 Feb 2011

Wonderful composition, with a firy glow. Full of positive energy, my friend. My POD!

Artist Reply: WOW.... THANK YOU my friend. Just brought the painting to their new owners!

KC CHANG 23 Feb 2011


Bev Chudey 23 Feb 2011

beautiful bold colors Olga!

David Holcombe 22 Feb 2011

This is a lot of fun. The bold colors and strokes compliment one another. It evokes "les fleurs" in all of their glory.

Basant Soni 22 Feb 2011

Wonders in colors beauty ..!!

Steve Haynes 21 Feb 2011

very vibrant work Olga

Ginger Lovellette 21 Feb 2011


Caballero Salguero 21 Feb 2011

Fantastic and rich painting Olga,awesome surface, impressive and beautiful, wonderful, terrific, Pepe

Sigridur Bachmann 21 Feb 2011

Wow ! What great strokes and great colors.. TREMENDOUS PAINTING ULTRA BEAUTIFUL !

Beatrix Jahn 21 Feb 2011

An explosion for SPRING TIME - what a stunning piece of art, Olgachen!

Artist Reply: Vielen Dank liebe Freundin! It was one of these pieces that you just feel it's gonna be right!

José Fortunato 21 Feb 2011

Wonderful still life abstract !

Dennis Knecht 21 Feb 2011

Wow, Olga - absolutely marvelous!

Nira Dabush 21 Feb 2011

I love the title you selected here for a reason, Olga. Reminds me of works I made once. MY POD!

Artist Reply: Thank you so much for your wonderful compliment and comment. My daughter's name is Fleur!

Thom Roslan 21 Feb 2011

Hi Olga......and you will never capture the "TRUE" beauty of a painting in a photgraphic rendering.....The Photo is 2 dimensional whereas the painting had depth, texture shadow.etc..... Either way it's still an array of color & beauty that you've brought to life !

Aqua1955 20 Feb 2011

It's full of joy and painted in an overflow of emotions... love it, because it makes someone happy


Wow,Incredible Explosive Rich Beauty!!!GORGEOUS!!!OUTSTANDING Modern Abstract Fine Art,my Friend!!!Fantastic Textures and Size!!!,Dee :)

Marika Antal 20 Feb 2011

nice colors...vibrant!!

lillianhibiscus 20 Feb 2011

Magnificent work. Incredible energy!

Seth Weaver 20 Feb 2011

Superb abstract expressionism, Olga.

Anonymous Guest (IP: 20 Feb 2011

Gorgeous work Olga.

Debbie Shirley 20 Feb 2011

"Explosion" is a great word for it! Amazing work - it must be wonderful in person!

Artist Reply: Yeah, that would be a great title indeed, Debbie! In the mean time "FLEURS" found a new home in Downingtown PA via my website! I'm excited!

Sharon Gonzalez 20 Feb 2011


Jerie kunitsky 20 Feb 2011


Artist Reply: Thank you Jer! It felt right from the beginning! Tomorrow I'm going to Charlie's class. I'm not officially on his list be he doesn't care, he said. Please do join too! I'll bring this painting for the finishing touch (sides) Hugs, Moi

Ann Fawssett-Atkin 20 Feb 2011

So beautifully joyful. Congratulations Olga.

Vernonette Gaddy 20 Feb 2011

Such a beautiful, colorful, joyful bouquet of flowers.

Frank Maguire 20 Feb 2011

Texture is another way of hiding the fact that there is a neked couple in there making mad passionate love; great colour and feeling.

Artist Reply: LOL! Thanks my friend!

Tina Davis 20 Feb 2011

an explosion of color and texture for sure! simply beautiful!

ruth sears 20 Feb 2011

beautiful with bold exciting colors,such joyful work!

Anneke Hut 20 Feb 2011

What perfect happiness, my POD of course! Have a great Sunday, Olga.

Artist Reply: Wat een PRACHT commentaar Anneke! Je maakt mijn dag!

Elaine Cruickshank 20 Feb 2011

What a beautiful painting. Love the abstract feel to the work and the beautiful mixture of colours.

Yosef Reznikov 20 Feb 2011

Fine futuristic work! My congratulations Olga!

marie-claire gallet 20 Feb 2011

A real burst of colours Olga ! Magnifiques fleurs !!! xox

Artist Reply: Merci mon amie!

tim linville 20 Feb 2011

Great Abstract,Olga!Very colorful Painting!

Miles Baker 20 Feb 2011

Sheer Genius! miles X

Artist Reply: Thanks for the POD on September 20th, my friend! ~Love and Light, OLGA

Michele Foster 20 Feb 2011

Very nice :-)

Anonymous Guest (IP: 20 Feb 2011

Wat een vrolijke kleuren! Zo'n bos bloemen stemt je vrolijk! Liefs, José

Nelly van Nieuwenhuijzen 20 Feb 2011

beautiful explosion of now the comment of Stefani... same thoughts me....

Artist Reply: Dank je Nelly! Maar het IS ook een explosie. 't Voelde meteen goed aan toen ik het schilderde. Je kent dat waarschijnlijk wel! Fijne zondag! -Love and Light, OLGA

Maria Anna Machado 20 Feb 2011

fantastic flowers...

Artist Reply: Thank you Maria Anna!!

Stefani Wehner 20 Feb 2011

marvelous explosion of colors.... it's a real pleasure, on this grey days!

Artist Reply: Thank you my friend! In reality the painting is nicer: I can't seem to capture this explosive and colorful painting in a photo!