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<(Part of a diptych)

Hoovering over with that awesome QuickZoom-Thingy you'll detect all the textures easily.

This rooster will be part of the DFVA's Riverfront Art Show
April 1-3 in Wilmington, DE.

Roosters generally tend to wail when they are distressed or in heat.
The sound made by the rooster is spelled onomatopoeically as
"cock-a-doodle-do" in English
but otherwise in other languages, such as in Dutch: ”KUKELEKU!”

Part of OLGarts STUDIO's program is teaching and adding different TEXTURES.

Texture, another element of art, is used to describe either the way a three-dimensional work actually feels when touched, or the visual "feel" of a two-dimensional work.

Use of texture, along with other elements of design, can convey a variety of messages and emotions.
Texture gives a painting a character.

This is what I did:
I drew a shape of a rooster, partially with cheese cloth, and partially with wood shavings and music paper.
I dipped cheese cloth in gesso and "glued" it down with gesso.
While wet the cloth is still pliable.
When dry, it' hard as a rock.

Mediums used:
wood shavings, cheese cloth, wire (foot) book paper, sheet music, lace, paper, crushed eggshells, acrylics, different gels, binder, matte medium.
(All archival and high quality brands.)

Copyright Olga van Dijk 2©11
This is another OLGartsProduction ©2 011


Anonymous Guest (IP:

Doris Blessington 19 Jun 2011

I like chickens! This one looks if it might turn around and walk away any minute! Full of life.

Artist Reply: Oh Thank you Doris!!

YUNA parmentier 27 Feb 2011

wonderful and such a matter work !!! I love ! Yuna

KC CHANG 23 Feb 2011


Marika Antal 21 Feb 2011

fantastic work of art..

Debbie Shirley 20 Feb 2011

Wonderful! Love all the textures.

Olga Naletova 20 Feb 2011

Fantastic artwork and unique technique!

Dominique GUIGUES 20 Feb 2011

very original composition with the differents materials you used ! congratulations Olga

surekha rao 20 Feb 2011

The singing rooster! Excellent creation, Olga!

ruth sears 20 Feb 2011

this is remarkable,such beauty with the materials you used,I can't stop looking at it,one of your best Olga!

Artist Reply: Ahww... Thank you Ruthie! -Love and Light, OLGA

Yosef Reznikov 20 Feb 2011

Fine colour and musical composition! My congratulations Olga!

Thom Roslan 20 Feb 2011

Another "outstanding" textural piece Olga. As usual, you have outdone yourself.....Brilliant rendering of what enhances a Cock Rooster......his melody and the brittleness of his personality.....

Artist Reply: Oh man, that's so kind of you to say! Thank you Thom!

joost 20 Feb 2011

Wonderful work..Olga.

Artist Reply: Dank je wel Joost! Ben benieuwd hoe het met jouw en Eliane is! Groetjes vanuit plotsklaps HEEL koud Pennsylvania!

Steve Haynes 20 Feb 2011

excellent work Olga

Aqua1955 19 Feb 2011

Sorry for not logging in :)

Artist Reply: War aardig van je om dat te zeggen, Ben! Ik zal je eerlijk bekennen, dat ik NOOIT weet wat mijn volgende werk zal zijn. Ik heb een break genomen, omdat ik zo busy was met mijn nieuwe kleinkind, waar ik enorm van geniet. Maar ik ben nu weer terug: FULL BLAST kunnen we wel stellen. Ga nu een nieuwe downloaden! Fijne zondag!

Anonymous Guest (IP: 19 Feb 2011

Magnificent Artwork, I already was wondering in which way your knew Artwork was to be

Basant Soni 19 Feb 2011

Exquisite work of art.. My fav

Artist Reply: Ahhh Basant, that's a very kind thing to say!


Wow,such a GORGEOUS looking Rooster!!!Incredible looking Bird you have created so BRILLIANTLY!!!OUTSTANDING !!!Great Artwork,my Friend!!!Congratulations...Wishing you much continued success!!!,Dee :)

Artist Reply: Thank you DEAR DEE! Hope your anniversary day was a delight!

Mary Janosik 19 Feb 2011

Very Cool, Olga!! I always love the sheet music, which fits in perfectly here!! This should be well recieved!!!!

LouAnn Knight 19 Feb 2011

Thanks for the informative picture, it just enhances the effect of the picture, itself. It is so entertaining as well as a pleasure to view your works and KNOW how they are done. Totally AWESOME!!!

Jerie kunitsky 19 Feb 2011

This is just amazing and creative!!!

Artist Reply: Hey thank you Jer! Miss yoo at Charlie's class. I take both of his, please joint. Check out my granddaughter on Face book. I have a video of her there, singing a song for me.>br> She is the love of my life! Hugs, OLGA

Ann Fawssett-Atkin 19 Feb 2011

Superb - and I hope the art show will be excellent for you.

tim linville 19 Feb 2011

I Like the Theme,Olga!Very Colorful,and an Excellent Textural Feel!I Hope your Art Show Turns out Well,for You :)

Anneke Hut 19 Feb 2011

Such wonderful textures you have created with al the different materials. I love the music sheets, as if we can see his voice.

Artist Reply: You nailed it! Dank je wel voor je lieve compliment. Het was een tijdje geleden dat ik geschilderd heb, maar ik ben nu weer volop bezig!

Ana Tirolese 19 Feb 2011

I really like this. Roosters are a favourite of mine. You did a great job with your collage/painting.

Rebecca Mullan 19 Feb 2011

DELIGHTFUL work Olga!!

José Fortunato 19 Feb 2011

Espantoso galo !!!! We have a National rooster called "Galo de Barcelos". As proud as your's ! Wonderful work Olga.

Frank Maguire 19 Feb 2011

Amazing cock, but you should have taught him English.

Artist Reply: I will my friend.!-)))

Maria Anna Machado 19 Feb 2011

fantastic work...

nikos kanellos 19 Feb 2011

Very nice artwork Olga!well regards Nikos

Helmut Licht 19 Feb 2011

You sure know how to cock-a-doodle-do it Olga. Magnificent!

Sharon Gonzalez 19 Feb 2011


Nelly van Nieuwenhuijzen 19 Feb 2011

colourful explosion of Beauty!

Michele Foster 19 Feb 2011

Very cool! Wait until Shirley sees Kukeleku:-)

Artist Reply: Ha ha ha ha! Thank you Michele! I'm a little curious how to price for the show in April!

marie-claire gallet 19 Feb 2011

Cocorico !! Normal, I'm French !!! Just love the way you mixed the media to come to our emblematic animal !!

Artist Reply: THANK YOU MY FRIEND! It was much fun to do!

Sjon Wingelaar 19 Feb 2011

Wat ongelooflijk origineel. Bedankt voor de uitleg!

Artist Reply: Dank je Sjon!