Sher Richardson

Sher Richardson once ran the halls of Artwanted as free as any Spirit here.Her words were always positive,whether goofing with Friends in the boards,or being so Professionally Indepth in comments,Sher Appreciated Us for what We were...a Garden.We were the Flowers that Smiled back at Her.Hundreds out of Thousands at AW Loved Her.To Consider the word Inspiration with Her,was to Understand that a Woman had the Power to Unite Others.And in ONLY the most Positive of ways.Time has Carried on,and like many at AW,We Lost our Friend.Almost a Virtual Conscience of a two dimensional Imaginary World.Because of Sher,it was Real.It was True.And She stood out Front,as possibly the Strongest Character this Silly Site will Ever Know.Sher was My Big Sister of Creation. Long Live the Queen of Artwanted.And...May Her Wish of Creating Artists from Us little Flowers,be reflected in the Song Below..."Let Flowers Bloom,in Your Name"...I Think That's Us,Kids.Whatever You it Artistically.Beautifully.It is YOUR Story.And Most Important...Inspire Others.


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Linda Allan 31 Mar 2014

Beautiful , very nice work!

Rebecca Mullan 26 Mar 2014

You captured Sher beautifully!! Love her grin, the flower, all of it.. it's her!! Thank you so much for the compliments you left on my work Tim. I also checked out your portfolio - amazing!!! Your talent, skill and creativity are amazing !!!

kevin ong'any 26 Mar 2014

your unique understanding of female anatomy is apparent in all your pieces.. a brilliant, erotic masterpiece.

Gerard Johnson II 09 Mar 2014

Very well done.

Christie Crawford 17 Feb 2014

Beautiful work!

Mark Kokopelli Watkins 18 Jan 2014

This too, is an incredible piece of artwork Tim!! A masterpiece!

Thom Roslan 14 Jan 2014

Tim thanks for the compliment on my latest work......I came to see more of your portfolio and Sher's Portrait came up.....Outstanding.....but ALL your work is just that "OUTSTANDING".....What a Portfolio....A True Master !

Sandra S. Corona 27 Dec 2013


Anonymous Guest 24 Dec 2013

I love the way you capture the smirk.

Dean Huck 28 Aug 2011

Wow Tim - this is really beautiful. Sher was one of the first people at this site to give me feedback about my work and I will never forget that. Actually I came here because I wanted to tell you how much I liked this drawing; but instead I found these warm sentiments about a most deserving human being. You are so lovingly remembered, Sher......

Renate Janssen 23 May 2011

Lovely tribute to Sher - we all will never forget her.

David Holcombe 23 Mar 2011

The subject dominates the work. She has that seductive expression, a combination of attraction and danger. The rose and sword are beautiful, but have their cutting edge, so to speak. The hair, of course, is wonderful.

Trish Ellis 22 Mar 2011

Wow, this looks amazing! I gotta say that I always loved the way you drew hair and this piece is no exception!

stephen smith 28 Feb 2011

Lovely work. She truely was a kind heart, and very inspirational.

George Wallis 07 Feb 2011

excellent portrait of a lovely woman

NVJasmin Rodriguez Garcia 02 Feb 2011

hello friend ,thanks for the comments!!! I think this is wonderful ,,,,wonderful tribute.

Tabitha Borges 02 Feb 2011

She would have love this piece..well done...

Nancy Jeresko 20 Jan 2011

I think this is an awesome picture Tim....Awesome picture! very creative!

Francie Aguilera 16 Jan 2011

Absolutely beautiful, totally amazing.

Ann Fawssett-Atkin 15 Jan 2011

A most beautiful pencil work tribute.

yves colas 15 Jan 2011

you have a great talent,for the drawing,awesome work.

dawn lochridge 15 Jan 2011

that is amazing. and i agree the rose is awesome, the tribute is very touching, and so poetic. sounds like you guys were very close. She also does some amazing work.

Cathy Holford 15 Jan 2011

Once again, great shading. Wonderful tribute and inspiring words!

Steve Farr 14 Jan 2011

What a wonderful tribute, Tim!! Love her holding the rose, a nice touch!!~S

Terry Bullard 13 Jan 2011

Nice work! The eyes just draw you in. The flower seems fitting, she is still definitely missed, especially on this site. A life cut to short!

linda lindall 11 Jan 2011

outstanding Tim-I've always loved her work and now I will yours-thank you.

Mike Helechu 10 Jan 2011

When I first viewed Sher's portfolio a couple of years ago, I was blown away. Truly unbelievable talent. You've created a beautiful tribute. Very nicely done.

Rusty Woodward-Gladdish 10 Jan 2011

A very touching and beautiful tribute to Cher! I think we all miss her. Gone but not forgotten!! Thanks Tim, it's a lovely image!

Sofie Wilhelmsen 09 Jan 2011

Wow! really beautiful...:) Youre so talented

Katerina Koukiotis 09 Jan 2011

beautiful tribute!

Nira Dabush 09 Jan 2011

Nice pencil's work, Tim... great composition...a splendid tribute to Sher and her family. She is remembered.

Anne Dubois 07 Jan 2011

Beautiful artwork!! Just gorgeous!

eileen martin 06 Jan 2011

love it!!! miss her!

Aris Stathakis 06 Jan 2011

Tim, this is a great tribute to Sher. Sher is very missed, a friend to every member of AW. a trully wonderful and caring person. Thank you for reminding us with your artwork and beautiful words and by posting Sher's portfolio.

Anonymous Guest 05 Jan 2011

Awesome job Tim! You captured her spirit and beauty in your own very distinct style. Wonderfully done. And since I believe our spirits go on forever, I just know that Sher LOVES IT!

Marie Strang 05 Jan 2011

Beautiful work! Lots of great details and very well done. What a lovely tribute.

Wendy Law 05 Jan 2011

Tim - you overwelm me with this beautiful portrait of such a beautiful woman - what a wonderful tribute and rememberance of her

Teresa Dominici 05 Jan 2011

Tim, a wonderful tribute to Sher.This is an amazing work!

Maria Murphy 04 Jan 2011

amazing detail, fab art!!!

Gayle Taylor 04 Jan 2011

What a beautiful tribute.

Lene Daugaard 04 Jan 2011

lovely work - great attitude :)

gonzales patrick 04 Jan 2011

Great work, I strongly appreciate.

Jeff Richardson 03 Jan 2011

Hi Tim, WOW... It is simply BEAUTIFUL !!! You captured something very special and it starts with the eye's... Your words are gentle and very touching. It was like seeing her image all new again. Yes it's now going on six years since she passed and at times it seems like yesterday. The ring on her middle index finger was a large gold and amber ring that she picked out and had told the kids that she would have liked to really have had it. So when Christmas came that year the kids and I snuck back to the store and bought it for her. This was one of the last pictures we had of her. She had taken it for a challenge that had been put out on AW. Her shirt had a medieval look to it and I love the way you created the image with the boots, belt and sword. You capture some very special things about her in this image. I love the rose in her other hand as well. I like your rendering of her hair too. Thanks for not giving up on this and for honoring her with such a beautiful image and words. I would love to buy a print from you when your ready. I also know of a few other images that artists were working on back in 2005 and remain hopeful that someday they will be completed as well. I only know to well how painful and draining it was to complete this partial healing. I love what you said about inspiration... what she wanted more than inspiration ... was to give inspiration to other artists to create and inspire and maybe ... just maybe ... it would spread like an infection. Just so you know... I have saved copies of every image that I could find that was created in Sher's memory... Very Beautiful Tim and Thank You Respectfully Jeff Richardson

Martha Miller 03 Jan 2011

Beautiful Tribute To Sher, She would simply love this Tim. You are not alone with your feelings of loss . She was loved by the members of ArtWanted and anyone who knew her.

Mark Linville 02 Jan 2011

Wow this is more than Ameaxing. A honorable tribute.

Brigitte Hintner 02 Jan 2011

Wow dear Tim this is a wonderful tribute to Sher, she was such an amazing person and artist...I think it looks beautiful and love especially the way you did the hand with the rose ....just fantastic.....a fine gift for all AW members that knew her...thanks for sharing you're a true friend!!!:-)

v blair 02 Jan 2011

Beautiful tribute Tim!

Pashia Dsouza 01 Jan 2011

De-light-full....deep heart truths.....Happy 2011

Andrew Dragh 01 Jan 2011

Beautiful tribute!

John Cappello 01 Jan 2011

Wow, great effect of the Eyes with Deep Rich Shadows The reflections in the text alone are mind-boggling.

mel taylor 01 Jan 2011

Beautiful work, Tim! Happy New Year!!!

Aqua1955 01 Jan 2011

Great work Tim!!

ruth sears 01 Jan 2011

wonderful work Tim and Happy New Year!

Anneke Hut 01 Jan 2011

Dear Tim, you've drawn our friend so well! What a beautiful tribute!

LouAnn Knight 01 Jan 2011

Sad but beautiful.. Your artistic pencil creates such beauty.. the words ... most touching!!!

Blonde Blythe 01 Jan 2011

A beautiful tribute to a beautiful woman!!!!

Nelly van Nieuwenhuijzen 01 Jan 2011

so very very BEAUTIFUL!

Jessica Morgan 01 Jan 2011

oh it's Sher, how I miss her!! This is so beautiful Tim!

Sandra McClure 01 Jan 2011

Excellent Tim and Happy New Year

Gaye lee 01 Jan 2011

Mindblowingly Amazing Tim!! This is Stunning -meticulous detail, such fine pencil skills - Sher's pose - Brilliant clothing design n' detailing also her facial expression - is incredible & well Everything about it ........The emotion is Beautiful shining through this Portrait Work - it's subtle - & So elegant - WoW!! What an Amazing, Beautiful,& Talented Woman Sher must've been....& for people who never knew her this Portrait of Yours says so much .....

Renata Cavanaugh 01 Jan 2011

Happy New Year Tim! You finished it....and wow, I feel like I am about to cry! What a fantastic tribute to the queen of AW! You did amazing job with this portrait....and I miss her too...I still remember her warm welcome the first day I joined AW in 2004. My pic of the day!