Just few days ago, I commented a BEAUTIFUL photo of Izabella Pavlushko.. and she said to me, Nikolay took her photo.. Yes, just a day after her birthday..

Quite shocked from the sad news, refusing to believe..

My HEART CRY OUT for you, dearest Iza, for your loss. I know you loved Nikolay so much.. and surely you'll continue to love him ....IN A DIFFERENT WAY.
He was AMAZING ARTIST, I can tell, viewing his ART, That will continue live, as his living spirit.
May Nikolay rest in peace. May his soul be bundled in the bundle of LIFE.
May his memory be for a blessing.
God bless...
May you never know sorrow in your life.
LOVE YOU, IZA... Stay strong...
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Cynthia Stayte 17 Nov 2010

A beautiful tribute, my deepest sympathy for Izabella and family members. A Well done tribute.

Anonymous Guest 17 Nov 2010

Overwhelming tribute to a phantastic man, a phantastic artist. His soul is on the way to a better world now.

Izabella Pavlushko 16 Nov 2010

My dear Nira, your care about me gives power to me. I very much touched with this dedication. Thanks for your LOVE !!!

Mary Janosik 16 Nov 2010

This is so beautiful, Nira!! May this bring comfort to a dear friend as your love and that of many surrounds her in her sorrow. God be with them...

Jerie kunitsky 15 Nov 2010

A wonderful tribute to a wonderful artist.

Anneke Hut 15 Nov 2010

This is really beautifully composed, Nira! I'm so sorry for Iza, I hope she can find comfort in your lovely collage.

Teresa Dominici 15 Nov 2010

Nira, this is a beautiful tribute to Nikolay. My deepest sympathy goes to Izabella.

Sigridur Bachmann 15 Nov 2010

What a beautiful tribute for you dear loving friend !

Emily Reed 15 Nov 2010

This is so beautiful and such a wonderful tribute to Nicholay and Izabella.

Olga van Dijk 15 Nov 2010

WHAT A BEAUTIFUL TRIBUTE... The shock of his loss is tremendous, and my heart is aching for our beloved Iza... I so agree with Thom and Alberto, both such fine ArtWanted friends. Thanks for posting these moving words of comfort, dear Nira. You're such a special friend. --Love and Light, Olga

craig moline 15 Nov 2010

A beautiful tribute, Nira. I am so sorry to hear about your friend. God bless.

Thom Roslan 15 Nov 2010

Once again Niri......Your tribute tugs at the hearts of ALL ArtWanted member.......A Beautiful tribute created by the Rainbow Artist......My deepest sympathies go out to Iza, May God keep you strong through these harrowing times......and I agree with Alberto: "Be one with your Art and continue to create.....Nikolay would want it that way" !

Geoff Cooper 15 Nov 2010

A great tribute Nira, we send all our love to our dear friend Iza, we pray for her.

Sandra McClure 14 Nov 2010

VEry nice tribute Nira...You are an amazing caring lady


Beautiful Beautiful moving tribute for Dear Izabella's husband.Very heartfelt,my Dear Friend...We to are in shock of this tragic news.Izabella,you are near and dear to our hearts...Our thoughts and prayers are with you ...May the God of all comfort be with you my Dear Friend...With Love&Prayers,Dee&David ((((((Hugs))))))

Alberto D'Assumpcao 14 Nov 2010

He was a fabulous artist, Nira!!! And this lost was a dramatic situation to our dear Iza!!! Thank, my friend for this wonderful tribute!!!. Iza, please, be strong.The best way to remember him is to continue believing in your work, as he did!

Beatrix Jahn 14 Nov 2010

Sorry, I was not logged in!

Anonymous Guest 14 Nov 2010

A beautiful tribute, Nira! My thoughts were with Iza all day today! :-(((

Maria Anna Machado 14 Nov 2010

oh...kiss for Izabella...

Calvin McFarlane 14 Nov 2010

Well said Nira and Beautifully done. He has now made The Perfect Circle of Life...from GOD to GOD, from Light to Light, from Love, in Love, to Love.

Sharon Gonzalez 14 Nov 2010


ruth sears 14 Nov 2010

Nira this is a beautiful and emotive tribute for dear Izabella on her so sad loss,thoughts are with you dear Izabella and of course my prayers.

Nelly van Nieuwenhuijzen 14 Nov 2010

Can find myself so deeply in these words... "Quite shocked from the sad news, refusing to believe.." refusing to believe...indeed refusing that, but need to accept. Thinking all the time at her, at her loss. Nirasje, you did a touching wonderful work for her. My heart is crying for her and my thoughts are all the time with her.