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22 Mar, 2018

********This is really important. Read the Idea Board where I talk about resolution an AW's Answer Please.*************** I got a great explanation from AW and they hope I get a lot of thumbs-up, so AW can put it “out” there for all members. It’s about photo Resolution, DPI, etc. Please read, tell friends, so they explain this info and give it a permanent place on how you can improve your photos! It is needed. Thanks. Here is link:

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21 Mar, 2018

Lesson: Try doing a watercolor or pastel using this painting for practice. Both would work well. Leave a lot of the detail out and you will find it to be much easier. The clouds are one of the most important part of this painting so be sure to get a least 4-6 layers of shadow in them and leaving the paper white where it is brightest. Note the sun is coming from behind the woods and a bit to the right, be sure to create large dark shadows on the water for the tree shadows, as well as the lighter area in the water. It is Spring time, so just put a few light green leaves to give that feeling. Good Luck! Any questions just ask. Ginger PS Have a great day! Le me know how you did!


26 Feb, 2018

A photographer friend of mine who lived in Cornwall UK, sent me this photo or I asked If I could paint it. She had made the design to sit in the window of an old church. I love the wheel and the petite vines that was massive! I sent her the original. It uses a wt technique, a dry technique combined. What feeling do you get from it? Thanks for stopping by!


06 Feb, 2018

Hi everyone! I guess AW had a rough last week of Jan and first week of Feb. They can't get that top members list correct when it begins the new month. Hope you are doing more painting. I am too busy to even paint! Hope you are doing more painting. I am too busy too. This digital painting is me, a little odd, but if I could find the right photo to use with it it might work>

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23 Jan, 2018

If anyone would like a gentle critique of their work and some tip I would love to give you help!


21 Jan, 2018

Let's take one of my Poppy Paintings. Please make honest comments I can handle real critiques. If you have been following me, you know I never do a painting like this and I never owned black or used it in a painting until this one. Because black is not in nature, created by man, so dark's in nature are created by blues, browns, purples or red. Black is the essence of all colors where white is the absence of color. We are lucky in this age to have such convenient paint. The one acrylic paint I use right now is like butter, called M. Grahm. Highly recommend them. I created the poppy painting because when you enter my kitchen you see at the end of the room a sun room. On that wall stands this poppy painting and I love the reactions. Now on the left is the finished painting and on the right is what I did in the first 1-1.5 hours, painting all the black surrounding the flowers. I never do this either! I always work the whole painting, layer, by layer. With in 2 more days the paintings was done. I did not over paint it, I just wanted a reaction from a distance and I do get that.


02 Jan, 2018

Thought the below photo came out great!


Ginger Olansen 23 Jan 2018

I did not say this is a digital software one button created this!!!!, I thought it was so cool! I think if you look back the original picture will show up but not sure.


19 Dec, 2017

This was not an easy painting to do. Although, it was fun doing the roofs and buildings. The bikes and people was the best part. Try something you never tried before, work slowly and carefully and you will be surprised how well you go!


17 Dec, 2017

Been to many holiday parties and given one! Two more weeks to go and the celebrations will begin to slow down. Hope you enjoy with friends and family because that is what life is all about! Below is a very challenging painting. snow for that matter is a challenge, for it not to be too blue, too white or too grey is not easy task. Snow can look as blue as the sky but there must be subtle changes. Rule of thumb is to place light or white next to a dark. If it is too blue, then lift off with water and wipe with a cloth! Make subtle changes in the sky, work the snow in the trees, and highlight areas of the snow where you think the sun would hit it. Try working from this one, I give you permission. The problem working a watercolor from a watercolor is that you will learn by how the artist painted and got there, but you will also miss a lot of learning skill from doing one on your own.


12 Dec, 2017

I would like to wish everyone here a wonderful holiday and a Happy new year no matter where you are.