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Since 1990, I have been a free-lance artist working in watercolor, oil, acrylic, pastel, and charcoal, teaching in those mediums. All paintings you see in Art Wanted are copyright, please do not copy without my permission. I am a muralist, faux expert, paint on canvas, wood, linen, tiles, marble, glass, and ceramics. I teach privately and publicly. I graduated from Adelphi University with a Business of Finance degree, a computer Science degree and 30 credits towards a master’s degree in Business Administration. Adelphi University awarded me (56 life learning credits in art), a two-year degree in the Fine Arts. I have studied under 4 artists over 40 years,

For ten years, I created animations, company logos and advertisements using Paint Shop Pro or Adobe Photoshop. I am in 3-4 art shows per year each last just about 2 months or more. I love painting and hope I am still painting another 20 years! I find challenges the best way to learn so you will find a broad variety of subjects and styles. I was overseeing an art gallery at TRCC in VA, for 5 years and stepped down recently.

I started my first oil painting at the age of 4 and wish I had it today! I started art lessons in high school with the Roslyn School of Painting for about ten years and never could get enough art! Charlie Pasqualina the owner of the school was a fabulous portrait artist, but I never got the love for portraits.

Good Luck in your endeavors in art, keep painting, keep looking, and keep listening to your surroundings to get the true feeling of life around you. Do not give up painting, do not listen to harsh critics and most of all paint what you love…those will be your best! And never stop learning! "I believe it is important to learn and experiment with every art media and technique available in the art world one has time for! Try it!

Thanks for stopping here! Have a great day! Please comment!

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