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I’m an oxymoron; I’m analytical, methodical, organized and

I’m an artist. I was born December 17, in the Bronx, three hundred and

sixty five years ago. I have 3 biological children & one

adopted…all grown and paying their own bills. I have 9

grandchildren. I have tried most mediums of ‘art’ and have not decided

what my preferences are. I do know that anything, medical or nature is my love. I’ve been in and around the ‘art’ world for about 35 years. Throughout those years, I’ve worked in many different

fields I’ve had one job to satisfy my landlord and the other to

quench my ‘artistic’ needs. As many have told me, my creative mind, never

sleeps…whether I’m designing a drop ceiling, a room, an

egg, or a photograph. I incorporate all into a ball within my

mind and sift out the parts that, not necessarily make $, but

make me feel whole. Growing up, I wanted to be a neurosurgeon, but the

physics was way out of my league, so I took Industrial Arts

instead. When I graduated in1975, women were not working

in construction; I took an office job that I hated. I looked for

a part time job in the art field. My first job was for Friedman

& sons, doing paste-up & mechanicals. Film cutting for

step & repeat patterns; designing posters & doing the

major work for famous artists, like Peter Max. Life went on;

I sought out other art jobs and eventually quit working in

an office for several years when I got a position as an art

director for a Screen Mfg Corp, a silk screening co. They

accepted & printed 81 out of 85 designs. Later on in years,

I became an English teacher's aide to foreign born students.

Later on, I became a crisis intervention worker. I learned

Goldsmith & jewelry repair, got bored after many years and

started doing stained glass lamps, etc. & eggery, In

between all of this, I painted & built a website. Then I

started taking pictures & found that I really enjoyed it and

was fairly good at it. When I went to my first PFAA meeting,

they laughed at my 4mp camera, but I received 77 points for

my photo. Boy did my head swell…I was off and

running…and here I am! Phew!

*Thank you all for your patience and time, i will reciprocate *with same.*

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