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Vyara Tichkova

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I get inspiration from everything around me. It's can be a song, an emotion, a book, a song, a story from my friend, it's unpredictable what can touch my soul... I'm amazed how much abstraction have in the nature in the simple thinks and in elementary pictures of everyday life. My passion is to traveling around the world, every new journey gives me a fresh opportunity to develop and change my vision and ideas. I see new cultures, learn curious stories and stand in front of amazing natural views, I meet the achievements of man in everyone aspect. That take my breath and poses new challenges to me as an artist. I would not want to explain my artworks because I believe that the works of art are the connection between the artist and the viewer. This is another level of communication, another kind of language that does not need words ...


Degree education in 'National High School of Performing and Screen Arts' Plovdiv,Bulgaria Master degree 'Scenography' with professional qualification 'Artist' in 'National Academy of Art' Sofia,Bulgaria

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Recent Feedback

8 days ago
Beautiful and vivid colors, nice artwork! - Jill
8 days ago
A ship with a snail in the rigging. Not something one sees every day BUT when it's as pleasing to the eye as this is, we sort of wish we would. I gravitated to this instantly, Vyara. Such a pleasing palette. :) - Charles
11 Jun 2019
Nice work! - Mark
11 Jun 2019
Very nice work! - Mark
08 Apr 2019
Actually, several steps above 'nice' in my book, Vyara. But that's just me. You are a great emotively-charged colorist. Seems all the interesting people live on other continents. O well. :) - Charles