Do you ever wonder what images people see in their minds? I do, I'm always intrigued by what others imagine. It is one reason I love to create art, so that people can see a little of what I see in my mind. I want to share that with the world, in whatever way I may. My work is divided between two worlds, the one in my mind and the one out there. It's the tiny world of nature often forgotten as it lives at your feet. The world of our minds is one few seldom see, as we hold dear to what is sacred in our minds. Afraid of what others may think. I open up both of those worlds for you to see. No longer afraid. One world is all about mushrooms in their greatest glory and wonder. I don’t love the taste of mushrooms, at least most of them, so don’t ask about my reasoning for drawing them. Freud might have a thought. They just fascinate me in their oddity. They live off death, a lovely macabre way to live. There is something strange about mushrooms because they sprout up out of nowhere, but if we looked beneath the surface, we would see a world wide web of their spores. The are connected to the trees and yet, they are such small little wonders. They can almost look like anything, which I use to my advantage. It is a joy to create little snippets of nature, even if you wouldn’t find my mushrooms in nature. They don’t live long though, mushrooms, so you must cherish them. The second world is a more abstract realm or at least one less related to nature. It offers to me the chance to use bright colors more, which I was often a bit wary of, as I’m not too keen on bright color. One need only look at my wardrobe to see. This new style started off simply by random sketches at work. Tiny little worlds of their own in black ink. Then I thought it would be fun to enlarge them and see what I could make of them. It opened my world. The chaos that my mind would often create; a rambling mind suddenly put to paper. Some pieces are recognizable as something and some are not at all. I wonder what you’ll see. I love when I child sees something so outrageous or it even scares them a bit. Or they see something cute and you must take a second glance. You might see a unicorn, yet I see a German tank. So, I give to you my two worlds. The chaotic and the whimsical. She and I are one. I am a creator of whimsy and colorful chaos. Utilizing color in bright and vibrant pieces shows my mind's chaotic realm, while using a darker theme in my nature landscapes lends to my fascination with death and how life feeds our demise.

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