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My paintings have hung at the N.A.S.A.(National Aeronautics and Space Administration) visitors center in Cleveland,Ohio. My works hang in monasteries and churches throughout the United States. And my art has been auctioned for AIDS awareness exhibit at the Columbus Museum of Fine Art.

My paintings are metaphors. My art is meant to be vibrant in colors, mesmerizing through movement and an adventure into the mystical realm of the unseen. The viewer is taken on a mystical spiritual sojourn, through the interpretation of my dreams. Through my vision quests we travel into formerly unknown landscapes, traversing time and space, only to arrive at a place that is an Everest of artistic accomplishment.

Leaving behind thoughts of the pretentious, the pedantic and the pompous, I begin to travel with fresh, new and vibrant ideas that this artist splashes onto the canvas with prodigious colors. I listen for the still, small voice that whispers to me in dreams, deep within the night, telling me what to paint.

Through prayer and meditation I arrive at the doorstep of a new subject, a new theme that cries out to be painted. I always allow the subject to be the master and me the student. Never forgetting that I am just an instrument, the palette, of a Higher Reality that is using me to present the Cosmos unfolding in front of us before our very eyes.

Great art does not have to match the color of the sofa. Great art stands on it's own. My paintings are the traces of colored energy exploded onto the canvas. The remains of experienced moments of insights from dreams with a clarity that exhibits themselves from a Higher Realm. Moments that demand to be exposed, to come into being, to come to life and to live on in the memory of the viewer.

The whole world, the Cosmos is but a symbol. It is telling each of us something that the Creator Breath is conveying. Art, words and music are but symbols for thought. Nothing leaves the mind but by symbols and the reverse is true too, that only symbols can enter the mind. It therefore becomes necessary to follow those symbols, through art, words or music to learn how to interpret the language of the Creator. And that is what I attempt to do through my art.

Dreams are the doorway to untold riches and abundance. They are the silent, whispering voice of the unconscious wishing to be heard. This artist listens for this still, small voice that whispers and paints what he hears and sees. It is like a voice in the desert, only those that travel there and wait patiently, in silence, can hear that voice. My paintings are my interpretation of that voice. Only in solitude, with deep prayer and meditation may the painting process begin.

My goal as an artist is to achieve, as best as I can, a mystical union with my canvas and the subject.This union is not an intellectual enterprise but an emotional and spiritual connection. The exercise of my paintings is to embrace the vibrations of a Higher Reality which flows and pulsates throughout the entire universe. Every life and everything in the cosmos reflects this energy. I attempt to tap into this energy with my paintings. I hope my art achieves an inner illumination; radiant, rhythmic and revealing. Even if the subject is ordinary I wish to exalt, as best as I can, with my paint the inner beauty that all things possess.

Until we meet may you have SPACIOUS DREAMS and UNEXPECTED MIRACLES ALWAYS! visionary imagist "Joey"

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