Instructor Emeritus at The Art Student's League of NY, Author of the world renowned books of study entitled "The Student's Guide To Painting" and "Mastering Drawing The Human Figure from Life, Memory, Imagination" as well as "The Early Photographs of Bettie Page" and "Poems of Love and other thoughts" I have been active in the world of art as painter, illustrator, instructor and author. It is natural that over this long still going on period my work should include many subject matters. Everything I do or have done is well composed, well drawn and painted with tasteful color. My subjects include portraits, figures. still life, landscape and meaningful paintings. I painted covers for paperback books for over 30 years mainly in the science-fiction and gothic romance genre. those will be added to this site later. You can view some of them now at Many of the landscapes shown here are of Woodstock, New York. I studied with Mr. Frank Reilly in Woodstock in the early fifties and have been going there ever since. I did these paintings to maintain memories of my favorite sites during my time there. You will also see here my series of Central Park Landscapes. Central Park is one of my favorite places in New York and too few people appreciate its beauty. If they saw it in all its seasons, its moods and its lighting they would surely be impressed. These paintings are painted in gouache, an opaque water based paint of a great color range. I work rapidly with it producing the effect I want by hundreds of overlapping strokes of different colors. It is the delicate breaking up of color into many nuances, the drawing, the balancing of the masses and the mood obtained that distinguishes my paintings of the park from others.

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