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Self Portrait

I had long wanted to be able to draw and paint. (I still do!?!!!) ...I finally plucked up enough courage to have go and got started with pastels in the summer of 2005. The pastels were only ever supposed to be an intermediate stage between drawing - and learning to paint in oils, acrylic and, finally, watercolor. However, I more-or-less fell in-love instantly with pastels and it is hard for me to imagine using any other medium for the forseeable future. I'll have to have a go with oils, some day, though - and I am dreading the challenge of watercolors...

A brief fling with photography lay dorment for over 20 years until in December, 2004 I got myself a little compact camera. The camera virtually lives on my belt these days and all my photography is purely oportunistic. I haven't been out on a shoot yet - I just snap away at anything that happens to catch my eye.

One of these days, though, I'd like to get myself a decent camera and go out on a proper shoot...

I'm still working on those pastels and drawings!!

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