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From the earliest age I can recall always engaging in artistic or otherwise creative practices. There exist a great many facets of this life that I enjoy tremendously and find meaningful, however, the creation of art is for me the most rewarding, enjoyable and necessary activity I've yet discovered. Although H.R.Giger will remain always my shinning star of an artist, I do my very best to appreciate all art for exactly what it is and who has created it. My wish would be for all persons of this world to use art as a form of therapy and self discovery. Whilst some of the darker portions of my disposition are not to be unleashed upon others directly, I find through the creation of art I have been given a safe, productive and cathartic forum for these darker tendencies. I appreciate any and all feedback you might have and wish you always only ultimately well. All my best,

Kyle Gray a.k.a. Xenophyte O._.O <---- give him a break he's just a cute little alien dude!

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