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Lisa's Geomagical Journey

Somethings about myself:

When I was 6 years old I would sit in front of my house a draw. I loved that. At 18 I enrolled at the academic artschool St. Lucas. Did you know that St. Lucas is a patron saint for artists, physicians and surgeons...

At the end of the road I ended up with a degree in Master of Fine Arts.

Because it was hard to find work a did a course for 7 months for IT-Assitant. I learned a lot there. This is a list of what we learned: Microsoft Office 2003 package, Windows 2000 and XP, Dreamweaver MX, Flash, Photoshop 7, DOS, hardware and making 2 websites for a non-profit organisation.

After this education I got a proposal for a job in IT in South-Africa. So I went.

I started to paint again, after 1 year doing nothing. But instead to paint the usual thing I painted fantasy figures and landscapes.

In that second year I met my future my daughter married and I am still living happily in South-Africa. Recently I bought a genius tablet so I could work on the pc in Photoshop.

I have also got artwork on following websites including one on photography:

Elfwood Trek Lens Deviant Art

Here some additional things about me: What do I like to draw?

Nature: Trees: birches,oaks,jacaranda's,in bloom or in winter coat Water:waterfalls,sea,rivers,ponds,lakes,tropical blue sea Clouds: rainclouds,gray clouds,dark storm clouds,sunshine clouds, fog, Night: lights in the distance of houses,the orange/green lights of the streetlights,stars,moon, northern lights Winter: now,snowstorms, icewater falls, icerocks, ice Beach: on vacation feeling, white beaches, pebble beaches, red beaches Landscape: mountains, valley's Animals:wolves,crows,foxes,bears,tiger, squirrels, robin's, whales, dolphins, tropical fishes, icebears, butterflies, ladybugs Figures: witches, fearies,angels,and other fantasy creatures Other: the light and darkness play, sunrise, sundown

I like to use watercolors but also painting in photoshop attracks me , using my genius tablet.

My achievements in life:

1998 Exhibition in Begijnhof Hasselt - Limburg 1999 Exhibition “Lente in de kunst” in Dendermonde – East-Flanders Translation “ Art in Spring”

Artist Highlights