Artist Bio

My drawings are done mostly in pen and ink. They begin with a random group of lines, drawn to music or with a rythym in my head. The drawing flows from there -- the content 'appearing' in the spaces between the lines. I think this has a lot to do with the way people _think_ in general. We are working with what comes in between, between one thought and the next.. one concrete thing and our interaction with it.

Drawings can take between 10 minutes and 8 hours to complete depending on size and complexity. I love the monochromatic black pen -- the range of textures, curves and silhouettes it creates. A world comes to life on my page each time I draw. Sometimes it feels like the drawing is taking over the creation process -- it is drawing itself. Each connection of lines to form something is the solving of a 'puzzle' -- an answer to a question. When the drawing comes quick and easy, the answers can be the most revealing of all.

Symbolic images appear often in my work. Some symbols are figures, animals or people. Other symbols are things that have appeared so often that I have come to have a meaning for them -- and that meaning affects the next symbol, and the next. I can 'read' my drawings so clearly at times -- they seem like visual poems, captured in such a way I cannot fully "translate" them. This is both frustrating and mysterious for me.

I can draw between one and ten images a day - or none at all. It depends on when the 'juices' are flowing. I hope you enjoy the selections I bring to this forum, and leave a link to your own work in a comment.

Artist Highlights