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Self Portrait

I am self taught and have been painting in oil since 1995. I started by a coincidence. My girlfriend at the time painted and I wanted to try it. Today she is history, but the interest in painting remain. It is my favourite hobby.

I am perhaps a bit single-tracked regarding the art I like myself. I usually prefer art where I can see what it is, i.e. art within the genre realism. Some critics have said about my work; "what you do is trying to copy photos, one can just as well magnify the photo and put it on the wall instead". Well, they are right. I will probably never reach that far, but if the painting in the end looks almost the same as the photo (or similar), then, in my eyes, I have succeeded. That is the challenge for me. It is my way of painting. I do not paint for others, just to make some money. I paint because I enjoy it, immensely.

I sell half of my work to buyers outside Sweden, mostly to the US. You can find my work in USA, Finland, Norway, India, Japan and in Sweden.

If you feel like it, please visit my site to see more of my work.

Thanx for your interest! /Peter

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