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I started out as Debra Reynolds from Richmond Indiana. Started drawing or sketching as a child and thru high school. I've always enjoyed art of all kinds and in most everything i did it contained some kind of art. I raised two children and lost touch with my art till recently when thru photography, i found the need to express my self more. I now sketch alot and am into my first painting by half. Hopefully it will turn out like my sketches with praise from my fellow members of the art community. If not i'll keep trying and striving to better myself. Please give your best advice on my work. I guess i owe all my skills to my parents for their support and my father was a artist in a big way of his own. So i thank them for without art my life wouldn't have as much clearity as it does now . I thank each one of you who visit my portfolio for your gaciousness and ratings . Thank you for visiting ................Debra Abell

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