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I have been an artist ever since I can remember. Mom said give her some crayons and she will be a good girl,no trouble. I would draw all day. I have always taken art classe all through school. I have won various art competitions through out my life. I received the artist of the year award upon graduation from Tremper High, Kenosha, Wi. I attended Olivet Nazerene College, Kankakee, Ill. with an emphasis towards art,psychology and creative writing. I also spent five yrs. at the University of Oshkosh Wi. in pursuit of my education. I helped with costumes in the drama dept. while attending UWO. I also have been commissioned to do some commercial art,portraits,t-shirt designs, logos,jean jackets ,landscape paintings and a mural for a store where my efforts were used on television for advertising. Plus I taught art and ceramics at a youth center for a while, some of my work was also purchased there. I I have thus studied for 6 yrs. in pursuit of a formal arts liberal education. I have won a gold medal and first place blue ribbons in a show and recieved a scholarship from the Oshkosh Women's Club. I tremendously enjoy the arts and drama. I love to write poetry and am always trying to further my education in one form or another. I find this site a wonderful enrichment that adds much demension to my life. Thanks eternally everyone. You mean more than you know. Christine Brand

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