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Born in Portugal. 1961 Recomended by Serralves Museum. Resident artist in the Cais Art's, Atlântica, Arte G and Londot Galleries. School of Arts Soares dos Reis. Curval Atelier. Distinction Prize in Portugal's Fine Arts Show 2007.Winner 2007 in The Prime Class Art Portugal Gallery Prize; Honourable Mention in Brazil's Fine Arts Show 2007; National Gold Medal in the 38º Salon Concours International - Académie Européenne Des Arts; Founder and Manager of the L'AGENZIA DI ARTE Group.

More Than 100 exhibitions: Cais Art's Gallery Câmara Municipal de Monção Cupertino Miranda Fondation Homo Habilis Gallery Armindo Teixeira Lopes Museum Rui Alberto Gallery Rivoli Theater Artis V Góisarte Agirarte Mãe d´Água Museum Casa da Cultura da Trofa Museu Carmen Miranda Trocartes - Cais Art's Gallery III Int. Exhibition of Quinta Lago - Londot Gallery Puro Arte 2007-Internat. Art Fair - Vigo-Spain Int. Exhibition of Vendas Novas Arte G Gallery Lugar do Vinho Gallery Atlântica Gallery Kromakrea Exhibition - Casa Gallery - S. Paulo - Brazil L'Académie Européenne des Arts O+O Gallery - Valencia - Spain

... and many others

"A painting of a creator may be recognizable by several aspects, such as the subject, the color or atmosphere obtained in each work. In the work of Francisco Urbano there is a curious and rich combination of elements. The synthesis of these is the ability to transform each work in a particular fantastic realism that is just amazing in it self. He seems to be a world to share precisely the neat technical process present in each composition" Oscar D'Ambrosio Critical of Art, Member of the Association of Critics of Art, Master of Arts, Professor of Visual Arts, UNESP

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