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~I don't manipulate light and shadow. Light shines, and shadows fall. I simply record what I see in my mind's eye." -Tim Poulter~

Trinton C. Garrett, is a freelance artist and owner of TrinityHawk Photography & Multimedia. He creates his art under the name TrinityHawk, which is his Native given name. Trinton believes that that one can find beauty within the homeliest of things, postive within the negitive and light within the dark. If we look around we can see that art is all around us. Every tree, animal, or human is a piece of the finest art possible which was created and gifted to us by the Great Creator and Mother Earth.

Trinton creates many forms of art from Photography, Digital Airbrush, Acrylic Paintings, Spray Paintings, Multimedia pieces, and even written Art (Poetry). He also designs and gives workshops on many different subjects, such as "Empowering One Self".

He grew up fighting against disabilities, bullies, and many art teachers telling him he couldn't be an artist due to being color blind. With a Warrior's spirit he he has developed a need to create beauty in a world that seems to be full of hate and sadness. So, he does his best to teach, to learn, to touch hearts, and/or at least bring a smile to someone's face, with his art work.

Trinton hopes that, in the future, he can take his work to schools, colleges, and galleries, and publish books. He dreams of getting his art out in front of the public eye, and have them see not just the "pretty work" but the series that he created to teach and make a statement, including his "Face of Diversity", "Anit-Bullying" and "Hands Around the World". He already has one published work, "A Journey's Unexpected Path which is an autobiography of sorts told through poetry and fine art photography.

**a word from the artist**

I am a semi-professional artist and photographer living in Buffalo, NY. It from a small rural community in Oklahoma originally long time ago. I believe in experimenting with my art and in doing so encouraging growth within my art. I am always looking to expand my artistic and photographic horizons. I am open to almost any type of shoot at the moment, except total nude shots, provided that the genre is age appropriate.

If you are intrested in knowing more about me and my art work, when I have a show, am doing live art for the public's viewing, or update my galleries please send me an email at: [email protected]

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