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"ART.....for me is more than paint, a brush, an easel or a mouse/pen! It's more than a career.....ART to me is a LIFE CHOICE"! Thom Roslan's multi-media works are a Unique Blend of the New power of the Digital Revolution added to the Old World mediums of Ink & Paint (including Oils, Acrylics & Watercolors plus Pen & Ink drawings,lithographic pulls & photography). Self taught in all the Old World techniques (plus a stint in a technical school for the Digital aspects) has created a UNIQUE and Totally New Multi-Media Genre which he calls "Digi-Fusion" Art. All images you see in his portfolio are the Digital Files ONLY !..... The REAL Beauty comes from the incredible printing techniques he's learned from such luminaries of the digital printing world as Karin Schminke, Dorothy Simpson Krause & Bonny Pierce Lhotka.....who are also known as the "Digital Ateliers". The TRUE Beauty of his work can only be seen as "Original" Art pieces.....for the printing processes utilized is vast and unique, as well as, the substrates he uses. Some of the techniques are Overprinting,Wet Transfer,Dry Emulsion Transfer and Layered Prints with Collage & Paint/Ink. Delve into the 21st Century Mastery of Digital Fine Art known as "Digi-Fusion" Art by Thom Roslan. ARS GRATIA ARTIS

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