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15 Sep, 2022

October 2 I leave for 3 weeks in Africa I am beginning to feel excited I hope I shall be able to update from there; however, I shall be literally "in the middle of nowhere" so I doubt it after spending 4 to 5 days a week for almost 3 years teaching and shooting with Carly {Car Moo}, I suspect I shall experience "withdrawal" being by myself. :)


22 Jan, 2022

January 21, 2022 ~ above freezing during the day and single digits at night = ice very little moving


21 Jan, 2022

January 21, 2022 ~ above freezing during the day and single digits at night = ice very little moving


30 Oct, 2021

All of the large animals are heading up and going into rut......winter is coming quickly .....every season of Montana is a unique experience :)


02 Oct, 2021

Recently, I experienced a GI bleed ....the most painful event of my life . The Doc, she say, "yes, it is like giving birth !" Agast, I replied: ' if this is like child birth then women and beyond question the Most Fierce Creatures walking the face of this earth !' And I meant it ...and I look Grizzleys in the face !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


19 Jul, 2021

July 19 ~ fires raging everywhere resulting in thick dense we are shooting mostly macro which i love my left eye in which i was blind has returned to perfect studying Dalta variant and producing friends who are health care providers...Long Covid is horrible and attacks females 3 to 1 of the unprotected ...Carly, my graduate student is learning with rapidity !!!


13 May, 2021

finally spring has arrived in Western Eagles and Owls are hatched and the mammals are bringing forth their babies in seclusion a wonderful time of year


23 Apr, 2021

it is April 23 and there is 3 inches of new snow on the deck and it is snowing ......i love it but enough ! soon to Charleston SC for a week of fun and sweat :) the pic following is Carly was died 15 years ago in a wreck with severe brain trauma .....the Lord is healing her and I am teaching her photography my way .....hahahahah.


14 Apr, 2021

April 14th ...snowing, windy and cold.....staying home drinking :) more research on the CCP virus and send in more reports

God bless you all who read this Tom & BB


14 Mar, 2021

March 14th...the Red Winged Black Birds arrived late yestered and remembered from last year that I feed them breakfast ....they began screaming their orders at dawn :) BB couldn't wait to bark at them. It seems an easy winter in the wilderness this year and I can't wait to get into the Tetons the middle of next month before the interlopers and the bears will be groggy and eating everything I am so blessed to be where I birthday is next week and friends are informing me that I shall be refered to as "ancient of days"...hahahahahahah