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29 Oct, 2020

Winter is almost upon of my favorite far the virus has killed Mary Grace, my cousin , my brother and his wife will die shortly.......perhaps this is why God placed me in this heaven in which is reside ....


11 May, 2020

May 11....SNOWING....hahahahaha this IS western Montana :) what an amazing land American is may God bless all who walk this way !!!!


05 May, 2020

May 5....many of y'all are still stuck....if you yell me what of my pics you like I'll searcch my base and post a bunch for you those of us in USA must be viligent as we are being fed feces of the male of the bovine species .....for 30 years i interacted with the ISID (international society of infectious diseases) and each day spend hours communicate with medical sites around the not be deluded is far from over God bless yoy ! tom


07 Mar, 2020

An easy day in Montana with the raptors building nest and getting ready to go to work building the next generation. The Prong Horns are still in herds but will soon drift into solitue to birth their babies. The deer are in abdunance ; elk and Big Horns have withdrawn into the high country. Moose, well the moose are going wherever they want to go doing whatever they want to do...babies soon :)


06 Mar, 2020

FINALLY the wind has stopped blowing and all my BFFs are out tending to business. he Eagles are intently rebuilding their nest with mama Eagle placing every twig and rearranging every twig daddy Eagle fetched. As the time for laying eggs approaches mama will become very intense.....Heaven can't be far from where I am :)


25 Feb, 2020

an unusual winter....very good for snowshoeing into the wilderness and chasing Pine Martains :) having watched with the ISID (international society of infectious diseases) for over 40 years I am amazed at the Virus from china and the total stupidity of the american media i am so glad that we live in the wilderness and not a city


30 Jan, 2020

February is almost here and it is warm, virtually no snow Amazing how the liberal brainless think the climate is influenced by man...hahahahaha count the erupting volcanoes ....don't forget 80% are under water


Ginger Olansen 20 Feb 2020

How is February? You now have some snow! Glad?


28 Nov, 2019

i shall keep you in my prayers


20 Nov, 2019

winter seems late though the moisture amount is about the historical average there are some bears back out though not for long 2F tonight the inbetween season seems the longest :)


29 Jul, 2019

leaving 7/31 for about a month in Europe....will not be posting to site until back....... :)