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"Every child is an artist. The difficulty is one to stay when you grow up." – Pablo Picasso

Tineke Kleij-van den Boomen. Is living and working as an artist in Sint Oedenrode, a village in the south of the Netherlands. She is autodidact.

The German art historian and writer Helmut Orpel characterizes Tineke’s work as follows: “Much of her work displays the dissolution of shape. The original shape can barely be distinguished, yet it can be recognized. The distinctions between shape and space, between fantasy and reality are still there, but are put into perspective by their dissolving shape.”

Tineke herself describes her work as colourful intuitive art, different but therefore certainly that unique because it is made from the heart and her life she is living. She calls her paintings her "self-portraits"."

Her paintings clearly have her own signature with depth, humor, irony, its own statement. Sometimes influenced by Dali and sometimes not. Different, full of energy, but always painted from the heart.

Her paintings are full of energy. When you look at them with your heart you will see and feel the energy. She hopes you will enjoy her paintings.

Tineke’s work has been displayed at various exhibitions both here and abroad and is included in a number of art guides both nationally as internationally.

Exhibitons 2005 up till now

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      • Lives In:    Netherlands
      • Gallery:    Fine Art