Artist Bio

If you are interested in my work or becoming a representative for me please feel free to contact me. Art is my passion and it is in my soul and I am looking forward to a successful career as a fine artist, and would like to have people around me who will inspire who will help to achieve my dream along with theirs.

Biography Taylour Mishel has been called "The Master of Color". Viewing her work is compared to an exciting rollercoaster ride of color, emotion and passion.

Taylour was born in Brooklyn, New York and grew up on Long Island. She always has a fascination with the creation of an artists work whether it is audio or visual. She feels her art reflects her mood and personality. Working in mixed media gives her endless possibilities while using a wide variety of materials with creativity and imagination.

"I have never been formally trained as a fine artist. I have created a style that is uniquely my own. I paint from my inner soul with no preconceived vision in mind and let my mood move the brush to the emotion I am feeling. Finding a title for my work it can sometimes become more daunting than creating the art itself. The title is a special part of the creation process; it reflects the same value and mood that I use to create the piece. I feel people can relate to the name as well as the art itself, it creates an emotional bond between myself the art and the audience."

The Flowers

The flowers I paint remind me to keep growing within myself. Nature is a very powerful reminder of our lessons in life. As nature keeps moving forward and is unstoppable, so could we be with our lives and love.

The Abstract Collection

When creating an abstract, mood plays a definite role in the creative process, from the selection of colors to the dynamics of motion. Each abstract represents a certain feeling, whether it is pain, joy, hope, anticipation, or confusion.

The I Love You Suite

Everybody has the desire to be loved. When creating this suite, my thoughts were centered on giving, being much more rewarding than receiving.

The Children's Collection

Inspired by all the children in my life, I try to paint an example of innocence that they all paint within my studio. We all should treasure that part of life and remember the child within ourselves.


One-Woman Show Nassau County Museum Of Art - Museum Café Roslyn, N.Y.

Duet Exhibition Of Originals Ripe Gallery Huntington, N.Y.

One-Woman Show Long Island Picture Frame & Art Gallery Massapequa Park, N.Y.

Exhibited In The St. James Museum; Designers Show Case St James Museum St. James, N.Y.

One Woman Show United Cerebral Palsy Of Nassau County Toast Of The Town Chateau Briand Westbury, N.Y.

2002 - 2006 The Nassau County Museum Of Art Outdoor Exhibition Roslyn, N.Y.

West Hampton Beach Annual Outdoor Art Exhibition West Hampton Beach, N.Y.

Selected Artist 2004, 2005 & 2006 For United Cerebral Palsy's Forget Me Not Ball

Artist Highlights