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Self Portrait

Dear Visitors,

Thank you so much for visiting my portfolio. I am so overwhelmed by the kind comments, generous ratings and tremendous continuing support I always receive from you, and I would like to express my deep gratitude.

I am primarily a self-taught artist with almost no formal training. I have been fascinated by colors and shapes, by contrasts of light and shadows as long as I remember myself. My passion for arts and crafts goes back to my childhood and probably has roots in deep cultural traditions typical of my Russian/Ukrainian heritage. Before moving to Canada, I spent several years in Western Europe, where my love for arts, and medieval architecture grew even stronger. Engineer and scientist by education, I spent most of my life doing research and, later, teaching. I always loved to draw, and later I painted on and off in my spare time. I tried out various media without much progress until I discovered for myself silk painting and watercolors. I began to paint in watercolors relatively recently. My favorite subjects are flowers. They are fragile and resilient simultaneously. Ontario landscapes where water, sky and rocks meet together are my endless inspirations, but they are much more elusive and difficult to paint. Regardless of the final results, the painting process itself brings tremendous joy and satisfaction into my life.

I am just a beginner in a digital photography, and I often click and click without much thinking beforehand, but I hope that the photographs I take reflect my deep admiration for the nature and its wonders and my love for life in its all manifestations. To me, the extraordinary beauty exists in most ordinary objects. My special thanks to my several long-term friends who kept encouraging me to paint and to show my work. You know who you are, thank you from the bottom of my heart.

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