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Hi everyone!

I'm Laura, 23 years old, from the Netherlands. I studied Media Technology for two years before dropping out -- too much programming and systems administration, too little art and graphic design for my taste.

I tried to get into art school afterwards, but they rejected my application. In retrospect, I'm happy about that; I like drawing and art as a hobby, but I'd probably grow tired of it if I had to do it full-time, for school or for a living, and I wouldn't want that.

Since then, I've had a few jobs, and currently work full-time in client administration for an insurance company. My art is just my private hobby most of the time, though I've also designed a couple of promotional posters for said company. Since I've never finished anything, school-related, I'm planning to go back to college next year - most likely as a Nutrition & Health student.

At the moment, most of my creative time is being sucked up by the big project I'm currently undertaking. I wrote a movie screenplay last April (for ScriptFrenzy) and I'm in the process of converting it to a graphic novel, called Running on Adrenaline. I'm planning to start posting it online in a couple of weeks.

I discovered ArtWanted through my mother, who has been active on here for quite a while. Check out her beautiful paintings in her gallery!

Well, that'll be all for now, I guess. :)

Love, Laura

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