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Self Portrait

~ stephie desousa~ i adore and am passionate about taking pictures. now you see what i see. and i see what you see. in the begining i was self taught. and am enjoying working on a much bigger. than scale dimensions . AIN"T the uni.verse. GRAND? I love painting. i am self taught. it is almost a year now since i started photography clicking. without a zoom lenzz. interested to see what happens.. when that is available to me. and love to capture what i see in nature or fellow man.

Painting gives me so much satisfaction . I have never had the desire to paint a picture that looks like a photograph and when I tried I felt no excitement or my curiosity fulfilled.

When words cannot come to mind or form on my tongue. I paint.

When emotions are churning in my heart and soul I find great satisfaction to Paint what I feel in all my bones and in each and every cell.

I hope these paintings will resonate within you

at times I can not communicate with words so I have to paint . it makes life very exciting when you are falling down a spiral staircase and you can hang on tight -- you are sure to see some sights.

~ Dealing with intense emotions can either be a curse or a blessing. i chose to belive painting is a blessing.

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