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Self Portrait

I was born in Iceland 1962. My father is from Denmark and my mother is Icelandic. I live in Iceland with my husband and two boys. I am compelled to create and it is my passion. The process of filling a canvas with color and form is a deeply satisfying experience. I find myself gazing at a blank canvas and get excited to fill the space with color and texture. What I love most of all, is the process of growing with the artwork itself. My paintings express how I feel in a particular moment. I belive that art can offer therapeutic relief from challenges and stress in our life.You cannot hide in a painting, you reveal all that you are, your hopes and fears, your strengths and weaknesses, your past, present and future. Painting is as love, in that you need audacity to begin and wisdom to determine when it is finished.

I am passionate about enjoying life and traveling. I love to experience different cultures , their food, wine and art and my inspiration comes from traveling, nature and love. Life is what we make it and beauty can be found in most everything and a way of life is to concentrade the mind on the present moment.

This opportunity to show my art here on the internet is the perfect way for me to share my paintings with you and Id like to know how you feel about them.

Thank you, for all your comments, I really appreciate them.

Best regards

Stefanía Jörgensdóttir

Curriculum vite

Education and courses 2012 Masterclass with Bjarni Sigurbjörnsson 2011 New technic, Toscana Italy. 2010 Master Class with Serhiy Savchenko 2009-2010 Seminar about art, Kopavogur Art School 2007 Master Class with Bjarni Sigurbjörnsson 2006-2009 Kopavogur Art School, oilpainting 1999-2006 Reykjavík School of Visual Art, oilpainting 1998 Graduated from College Breidholt in Visual Art 1989 Collage Varnamo, Sweden, drawing 1995-1996 Artgroup in Keflavík oilpainting 1993 Universitet of Lund, Sweden, oilpainting 1992 Collage Lund, Sweden oilpainting 1990 Graduated from Iceland School of Education, subject specialization, Arts and Crafts

Private Exhibitions 2013 Impressions in the Sand, Turninn, Kópavogur, oilpaintings 2012 Colors of Italy, Cafe Milano, Reykjavík, oilpaintings 2012 Magical colors of Italy, Art Gallery Gróska, Gardabaer, oilpaintings 2010 In the Prime of Life, Art Gallery Gardabaer, oilpaintings 2009 Flora, Turninn, Kópavogur, oilpaintings

Collective Exhibitions 2013 Midsommer outdoor exhibition in Gardabaer 2013 Summer Art at Gardabaer Square 2012 Cafe Retro, Kopavogur, with Art Assosiation of Kopavogur 2011 Midsommer outdoor exhibition in Gardabaer 2011 Art Gallery Gróska, Gardabaer 2010 Desember Art, Gardabaer 2010 Gardabaer Square with Gróska 2010 May ART 11, Borgir Kopavogur 2010 Summer Art at Gardabaer Square 2009 Music Festival Art at Gardabaer Square 2009 Midsommer outdoor exhibition in Gardabaer 2009 Summer Art at Gardabaer Square 2008 Graduation exhibition, Kópavogur Art School 1995 May Art, Keflavík Art Group 1996 1995 May Art, Keflavík Art Group 1989 Graduation exhibition, Medborgarskolan Varnamo Sweden

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