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22 Oct, 2018

Hurricane Florence and then Hurricane Michael came through our communities last month. Hurricane Florence forced us to evacuate our home . It was the first time we've had to do that. In a matter of 16hrs we went from realizing we had to go,to being on the road. It was a horrible and heartbreaking time! Having to quickly decide what was needed and what had to be left. Making provisions for farm animals and knowing we may lose everything. It was beyond surreal. Yet in the midst of it, God held us. Our family was protected and provided for. We spent a lot of time in prayer and watching to see when we could return to whatever was left. 12 days later we finally got to return. The route was different then the one we had traveled to leave. Many roads were still impassable, some completely washed away. I tried to get pictures as we drove through some of the areas, but many pictures didn't turn out. In the weeks to come I'll share some of them here. Seeing FEMA, disaster relief , and lineman's trucks caused tears to well up, and my throat to tighten. This wasn't just another place that was hit by a natural disaster, this was our communities! These are the towns we drive to when we want to shop, go to school, attend festivals. The smell of rotting fish along an inland road was unexpected. I never thought about how the sea water would innnundate the fresh and brackish waters, killing the fish. Giant trees were laid on their sides, roots pulled and snapped. Like large chess pieces toppled over when the game is lost. The trees still standing looked like someone had gone across the top with a set of clippers, leveling them. Street signs, business signs, roofs and walls were mangled, knocked down and left in rubble on the ground. Tarps covering at least part of many roofs and piles of water damaged belongings litter the roadways. As we drove closer to home we wondered what would be awaiting us. Thankfully friends had gone by a few times and fed and watered the farm animals, so we knew at least most had survived. We arrived home just as the sun was starting to set, it was so big and welcoming. We were grateful to have a home to return to! The next week would be a rush of reclaiming our home, taking stock of what was lost and what wasn't. We did sustain some minor damage to our roof and some other minor damages inside. Our animal's shelters were destroyed, save one. And we lost half out flock of chickens. However, all 8 goats, 2 geese, half the chickens, 3 rabbits and the turtle as well as our fruit trees all survived!!!! God is so good to us! He faithfully answered our prayers and was merciful. In fact, all the little towns around us were flooded, many had water up to the top of their doors, but in our tiny town, all the homes are standing (some did flood), and all the farm animals here survived! It was such a joy to see each horse, cow, goat, chicken and dog that lives down the road happily grazing or out playing. It was amazing to see how the trees in the back yard are bend sideways, and some gone all together. The biggest one looks like a giant took a bite out of the top if it...but it's still standing. We've gotten our house mostly fixed, a bit of work remains, but it's very livable. Our animal's shelters are needing attention now as the fall weather has arrived. I'm hoping to get time to post more soon, recovery is time consuming. If I don't respond quickly, please know I deeply appreciate your time and comments!!!! God bless, Sno*


05 Nov, 2015

What a wonderful time I have had sharing my work with others and getting to see so many creative works from amazing artists all over the world! As soon as I get the time to download my cameras I will be able to add more pictures. But for now, I am busy busy busy creating!


29 Jun, 2015

Sorry to any who have taken time to comment on my work lately. I haven't been able to reply, nor have I received the notices of comments for a while it looks like. I have contacted Art Slam for assistance and hope to be up and able to respond soon!


27 Jun, 2015

Life has been full so I haven't been posting as much as I'd like, but today I shared a couple new things. I will be sharing more in the weeks to come.


16 Dec, 2014

Christmas is in the air and the chill of winter is nipping at our noses. The landscape is less vibrant but the sounds and smells of the holiday season delight the senses. I wish that everyone could be warm and safe, loved and valued this time of the year. There are so many who are sad and lonely, if it were possible I would send a hug to all of them and remind them all that they are loved. God Bless you all!!!!


08 Dec, 2014

I just celebrated my birthday, and was so blessed to share it with loved ones! I'm excited to see what the year to come will bring! Next up, Merry Christmas!


30 Oct, 2014

Welcome to Fall! What a splendid time of year to capture gorgeous colorful foliage, and to see the world around change color. The landscapes around here are shedding their summer garb in preparation for the winter that is soon approaching. It's been fun watching the cotton fields turn from green lush plants to what looks like snow covered fields. The still waters of the river reflect the changing leaves and the last of the summer birds as they head out on their journey further south. The flocks that winter here have just begun their arrival and the ground bound animals are putting on extra fluff to keep warm as the world gets colder. It's a wonderful time to go out and enjoy the last days of warmth before it's time to bundle up again. Then it will be great fun to deck the halls, bake and celebrate the blessings of the Season. So many fun holidays for our family in come from November thru February! We have the regular holidays, and then we have birthdays too! I'm excited to take more pictures, paint more paintings, and create more memories in the months to follow. I'll be sharing with y'all along the way!


09 Jul, 2014

Well, things didn't settle down as I had hoped. Instead my husband had to have back surgery on Monday. There is a lot going on and I am running in every direction for now. I am itching for some time to download and share the projects I have been working on. Hope everyone out there is having a splendid day!


09 Jun, 2014

We have been dealing with some health issues in our home recently and it has taken its toll on my posts. Hopefully in the next few weeks things will settle down and I can enjoy my art site more frequently again. I have lots of pictures to download and edit so I can share them soon. Hope everyone out there is having a great day. Happy Summer!


20 Feb, 2014

So excited here, we finally have high speed internet again! So I will be able to upload new things easier, and also enjoy my time browsing some of my favorite artists. Not to mention discovering new ones. :)