Artist Bio

Laura CRISTIN has assumed the identity of SHEren since her art residency in Ireland in 2003. Taking part in Cill Rialaig project, she had the opportunity to work about the dolphin Fungi and to start the performances on the theme. Soon art actions followed in Madrid, Helsinki and Venice (Getting ready for summer: be a SHEren (or a dolpHEn) with the new Sun/Swim/Sauna collection!). In 2005 she developed the SHEren&dolpHEn project around A, starting from the celebration of H. C. Andersen bicentenary of birth. The main performance took place in Germany with The Little Magic Mermaid for the Minden Art Festival and others followed all around in Italy (Florence, Venice, Padua, Bologna) to end with the beautiful ApuliA&back to North-East tour (SHErenaDA in Leuca, LE, pietrA nerA in Rodi Garganico, FG, SHEren in A in Pioraco, MC) where she discovered the Light and the SeA of the wonderful South through the Music of Dario Della RossA, who played some pieces especially composed for her performances. Laura Cristin is active in the mail art network and at the same time she creates Artist Trading Cards, paintings or whatever apt to fix in something more lasting, the emotions experienced during the art actions. That is the case of the two SHErensigns made in the 51st Venice Biennale.

Artist Highlights