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Self Portrait

Creative expression has always been an outlet for me. I was insprired by an excellent high school art teacher, whose guidance has remained with me to this day.

I paint to replicate emotions, thoughts and expressions in an abstract, dimensional way. My medium is my guide and takes on a life of its own. I use a variety of acrylic paints, textures and techniques to accomplish my desired effect of vibrancy and depth. Each painting is done in detail and meant to be viewed close or far away. My intention is to evoke feeling in the observer as they hopefully relate in some way. My goal is to evolve in a way that my work showcases the process in a captured form.

I currently display my work on various Online Art Galleries. I have sold my work online and in the local Full Moon Art Gallery. In addition, I have been commissioned to paint individualized pieces. Please email for more information.

The underlying inspiration for much of my art is found in my latest Kindle book, "The Beaten Path", which is based on a true story. My other book "Smoking Mirrors" was published in 2010. For more details, Please Click on my Official Website Link here on Art Wanted.

Finally I Dare to Dream.

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