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***A big thank you to all my fellow artists for the continued support and inspiration!!***

My goal in creating art is to enhance the home's decor with peacefulness, powerful beauty and spirituality. I enjoy creating clean, modern pieces by digitally altering my favorite photographs into a number of different exposures, colors, effects and crops using a variety of photo editing software. The best of these edits are then selected and combined in patterns with additional elements for interest and symmetry.

I enjoy creating custom original art pieces especially designed for your home's interior/colors. I would love to develop mutually beneficial business relationships with interior designers by providing original art work for their clientele at very reasonable prices. Please e-mail me for details.

With each photo or collage, I'm inspired to capture images that will bring serenity or wonder, remind you of a perfect moment in time, or show you something new that you may not have seen before, to ignite your craving for exploration. Digital and abstract artists, sculptures, spiritual leaders and music help influence my creations. The world itself with all its diversity moves me to capture its beauty and mood forever on film or any other media available at the time. I believe that great photography requires a passion for creating a view perhaps even more perfect than reality itself. The latest developments in technology make these goals delightfully more effective with each passing year.

Only one original print on canvas is created for each work. The photo collage is printed on archival paper, the emulsion of which is then heat & pressure bonded to museum quality canvas and mounted on a wooden artist frame. The originals are signed and numbered on the back as work 1 of 1. Print copies and other products are also available with these designs.

Photographer Bio:

Traveling abroad was what ignited my passion for photography. Starting with my first overseas trip to Europe in 1995, I was the one in the group that was always lagging behind to take just one more picture of the amazing architecture, beautiful scenery or amusing graffiti we happened to stumble upon on our many adventures. I am fortunate enough to have traveled through England, Ireland, Scotland, Spain, the Philippines, Singapore, Costa Rica, Chile, Peru, the Netherlands, Canada, Mexico, Jamaica, Greece and Turkey, as well as 95% of the US states. By year end, I will travel to two of my top destinations, Thailand and Italy.

As a soon to be graduate of the New York Institute of Photography, a graduate of the University of Idaho and various music, journalism and feng shui programs, I have developed an appreciation for pattern, symmetry and structure. Although I am fascinated with all areas of photography, I most enjoy taking statue, architecture, product, stock and travel photos.

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