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I am an amatuer photographer and writer. I also have photos on:

Welcome to my website! I have been to many different places in the United States and across Canada and I have to admit that I always return to the Blue Ridge Mountains. I love these mountains! There... you will find a certain vulnerability, ageless beauty and mystery everywhere you look! Most of my photos are of western North Carolina and Virginia. The west is beautiful and awe-inspiring in it's own right with its rugged mountains, but in my mind... nothing compares to the simple beauty and splendor found in the Blue Ridge Mountains!

I find beauty in simple things and being creative is a gift to be cherished. I love to write, which is really my first passion. The use of words can be very powerful. Even an ordinary description can evolve into something spectacular and magical, but... sometimes, it's the pictures that speak volumes! Some things are better left unsaid and meant to be felt instead, when there are no words to be found to describe God's simple beauty!

I hope my photographs will move the spirit of those that truly appreciate the simple and unique beauty that is all around us. When words are not enough, to captivate and charm us, pictures will say it all, every time! My goal as an artist and writer is to transport you to another place in time, where the imagination lives. We all have this sacred place within that is uniquely our own! It is our soul, our spirit, our being! This is where all things beautiful are foiund!

I am a member of WWAO(, (,, Red Bubble,, Southern Creativity, among other artists showcase websites.

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NOTE: There will be around seven hundred or more photograghs added soon.

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