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The beautiful lady on my right is my daughter Vanessa(my wife and other 3 kids wanted everyone to know this she is not my wife!) I have been doing artwork since before I could walk. My father was an exceptional artist that worked in Ad Agencies, newspapers, and for clients. So I received what skills I have naturally. I've done advertisements, comics, caricatures, editorials cartoons,coloring books, signs,magazine illustrations, weaving designs,and paintings for clients and friends. I was in charge of Adertising & Visual Merchandising for 20 years with a major department store in the southeast USA. Ihave exhibited my work and have many pieces in private collections. My favorite media is lino-cuts, acrylics, pen & ink washes, pastels, markers, colored pencils, and watercolors. I enjoy all the comments my work brings and I apprecyate the opportunity that ArtWanted has offered me to show and sell my work and to communicate with many fine artists all over the world. Thanks for looking

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