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I have been creating artwork since I was a young boy and been involved in creating freelance work from my home for about 15 years or so.I am a professional illustrator, with expert Photoshop skills. Design and production artist with pre-press experience, color management and desktop publishing skills. Proficient in Quark, Adobe Illustrator, and a variety of Macintosh softwares, I recently received an Associates Degree in Commercial Art from Springfield Technical Community College and was awarded the Gutenberg awards; Photography - First Place, Electronic Publication - First Place and Best of Show (2005).

1976 - " Illustrations for Palmer Jaycees Annual Report " Designed and built Jaycees Haunted House " Named Local Artist of the Month

1980s - " Received Boston Globe Scolastic for Illustration " Received the K. Helena Laramee Award for Painting " Received the Donald O. Reichert Award for Illustration " Mock up work and Toy Package Design for Creative Concepts " Illustration work for Local Grocery Stores " Designed numerous logos including the Palmer Arts Lottery Council " Letterhead and Video Package Design for Busy-Bee Computer

1990s - " Freelance work for a variety of clients incuding, Magellan Works, and " Mural work for Z-Street Nightclub, Article and Photographs for "Ancient American" Magazine " Illustrator and Cartoonist for Highlights Newspaper

2005-06 - " Freelance work for PG Associates including clients such as Lego, Milton Bradley, Walmart, Disney, Target Stores and Blue Bonnet Games " Received 2005 Gutenberg Awards: 1st Place for Photography 1st Place for Electronic Publication and Best of Show " Designed STCC Yearbook covers for 2004 - 05 Photography for Alumni calender, Voted Most Outstanding Graphic Arts Technology Student of the class of 2006 ----------------------------------------------------

"The most beautiful experience we can have is the mysterious - the fundamental emotion which stands at the cradle of true art and true science." -- Albert Einstein


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Have you ideas on how this life ends? Checked your hands and studied the lines... Have you the belief that the road ahead ascends off into the light? Seems that needlessly it's getting harder... to find an approach and a way to live, Are we getting something out of this all-encompassing trip?

- Pearl Jam

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