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Art Forms

Most of my work consists of wheel thrown porcelain forms based on organic patterns of microscopic and macroscopic organisms. Some are based on seed pods, teeth, pollen, sea animals, squash, and even watermelon, but as the development proceeds, they merge and take on new forms of possible and imaginary organisms. All are hand made, one of a kind pieces, usually done in a series, so there might be some similarity among some pieces, but no two are ever exactly alike.

Seed Pods

For most of my life, I have been both attracted to and very allergic to, large numbers of trees, grasses, and bushes. I have refused to become trapped indoors just because of these allergies, and as I began to develop my own sculptural forms, I examined both macroscopic and microscopic forms in nature. By examining the form and structure of seeds and other natural objects, I found great beauty in these simple forms, and developed simple organic sculptural designs, based on slightly abstract versions of these natural objects.


Because I had a great deal of dental anatomy at one time, I decided to do some teeth, and try to run it into abstract. So I threw a bicuspid, molar and third molar. I Liked them and did just enough detail to hint at teeth. Later I did a few in the white stone ware. But I hesitated continuing into the direction I had started, because it seemed to lead through detail into funk art. I instead tried to be less detailed, more vague and abstract, but I didnt like the product and scraped most of the attempts after looking at them awhile. I may come back to this in the future, possibly with porcelain.

Artist Highlights