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"As A Man Thinks so He IS!!!" Jesus Christ!!! "The Weight... the measure... the fate of the soul... is in the pictures it treasures and THE GOALS !!!" Christine Brand!!! You shall know them by their fruits... Godspeed to all goodness only...I leave you to the call of the Holy Spirit...a voice in the wild darkness that crys from the eternal light. Thanks for stopping in and please leave some constructive thoughts... I hope you enjoy my work and my writing for along with art I also enjoy and try my hand at prose and poetry.. I have been an artist all my life and studied for five years at the university of Wisconsin Oshkosh. I won a Gold Medal and Blue Ribbons, a scholarship for art and have sold my work to various people and places...I taught art for a year and ceramics at a youth center. I have been employed by a local store as an artist and painted an entire wall landscape for their advertising theme, plus created many signs for their electrical department. I have done portraits for friends and different clients over the years. T-shirt designs and blue jean jackets also were a undertaking of mine. Special interests are fantasy, surreal and wildlife. I enjoy doing portraits also. It is my endeavor to broaden my career and knowledge. I have always loved photography and have become more serious about artistic pursuits in this area in the last 2 years.. I would love to renew my professional career full time in the arts... Please e-mail me if you would like to purchase any work or commission my talents. I would be happy to comply. Have a great year. Sincerely CB

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