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The Creative Spirit led me into many worlds. I've trekked alone in the Himalayas, and lived in tree houses in virgin jungles of Hawaii, eating only fruit and wild vegetables. I draw from doctoral study in Psychology, years in a contemplative order, 23 years of private practice and teaching, and multimedia explorations.

I fell in love with the computer, a mystic friend who lets me paint with light, and leads me into the heart of nature and the infinite creativity of the mind. I call my digital adventure, Cyberalchemy.

PAINTINGS Each painting is a blind date with the Unknown. I never know what will happen, but listen to synchronicity, to the mood and color of the moment. Some paintings begin with my eyes closed, the mouse in my "wrong" hand. When I open my eyes, I often see forms, images to bring forth.

VISIONARY PORTRAITS I also create visionary portraits. Angels, mythic heroes, symbols, flowers, totem animals etc. are layered upon personal photos. An eagle soars transparently through a man's head.... A woman holds her own child self in her arms. Or sometimes the child, adolescent and mature images of a person are integrated in one painting. The computer allows me to create layers of transparent images very much like what goes on in our multidimensional minds. In these commissioned pieces the subject may enter the creative process to whatever extent he or she prefers.

MANDALAS Nature mandalas and personal energy prints are created by twirling and layering images--a butterfly, frost, egrets, lichen, a zebra, a galaxy or someones handwritten initials--around a center. Putting images through a "visual centrifuge" helps me see anew and appreciate what I often take for granted. Unique symbols and unintended images are often revealed.

SALE INFORMATION: Portraits in this portfolio are included just as examples, and are not for sale. Please email me to commission a portrait from your scanned in photographs, personal symbols, angels, animal totems, colors and visions. They make uniquely personal birthday, anniversary and holiday gifts.

Paintings and mandalas are available as limited editions, in different sizes, on archival paper or canvas. Please contact me for details.

Your comments are appreciated!

Namaste, Sara

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