Artist Bio

I was born in Scunthorpe, England in 1980. I painted and drew throughout my childhood but went on to study accountancy, achieving my degree in 2002. After experiencing the business world for a few years, I decided that this was not the life for me. I then spent a period travelling Europe, before settling in Southern Spain and it was during this time that I began to pursue Art as a possible career path.

Hence I am essentially a self taught artist. My first paintings were of African sculptures and were sold at a local market in Spain. It was here that I began to take portrait commissions. Later, inspired by the scenery in Spain, I began to paint contemporary style landscapes, which helped me to get acquainted with the medium of oil paints. I sold over one hundred of these landscapes and seascapes worldwide.

In 2005 I returned to England, settling in Sheffield. The focus of my work changed again at this point, as I became inspired by the Peak District and in particular it’s inhabitants! It was purely accidental that I stumbled across some cows whilst out photographing the landscape. It was also my first real encounter with these animals, hence I didn’t know whether to run away or offer them grass! I soon became very fond of cows and they became my most common subject. I do of course enjoy many other farm yard animals as subjects, and there is often a pig or sheep on the easel too!

The most important thing to me is capturing the personalty of the animal. Most of my paintings are done in a portrait style to enable me to get close, and hopefully help the viewer see their character. Being outside with the animals is probably more enjoyable than painting for me. When I can stand at a fence and get licked by a cow for no apparent reason, or when I can have piglets chasing each other around my ankles it makes me appreciate the gentle , intelligent and inquisitive nature of these animals. This is what I tend to focus on in many of my paintings.

My work is mainly sold in the UK and USA but I also have collectors in Japan, Thailand and Australia.

Artist Highlights