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Ruth Palmer, proud member of the Worldwide Women Artists Online is a versatile contemporary artist working and experimenting with various mediums. Her most widely used medium is acrylic, however, digital and computer art is a close second.

See my gallery at Zazzle

See my gallery at Zazzle

Oil and occasionally photography also make the list. Her painting covers many different art styles such as abstract, contemporary and traditional still life and landscapes.

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In My Own Words:

I follow nobody's rules but my own. I like it that way. The process works for me. I know that being self-taught gives me an advantage.

I approach my work with an almost child-like naivity and do not have outside influences to interfere. I am continuously experimenting with subjects, textures and colours. Preconceived notions are nothing short of restricting. My art has to be spontaneous and unplanned. Even with commissions, I negotiate to maintain a certain amount of freedom with the subject. Just the process of creation is what drives the passion to paint. I paint because I love it. It is truly exciting, not knowing what you are going to create from nothing. You have to let it flow directly from your soul and it can't be derived or planned. A true artist simply creates art without explanation.

Faith in God and a passion to use the gift He has given me is all the inspiration I need to create something special. My subjects are extremely varied. The particular subject has no specific meaning to me, it is the feeling which allows that subject to manifest itself creating it is own personality and mood. Every creation is like opening a surprise package. Ruth is also a supporting member of the Federation of Canadian Artists.