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The art of Henrique Serra demands unite the secular gesture of the craftsman with the visionary artist's look. But his gaze appears to be introspective, looking at the way yesterday for tomorrow, seeking in the roots of humanity the answers to the present and future questions. The concerns with respect to the environment, with recycling, with sustainable development, so in vogue in our day, are always present, not only in theme but also in the production process and the used materials. The result reveals primary / archetype images, which are now dormant in the unconscious of all of us, and make the desired link between the primitive that is within each one, and the contemporary desire for union with nature.

works in oil, acrylic, collage, photo and other medias.


Formacao Academica (academic formation) 2002 - Graduado em Educao Artistica com habilitacao em Artes Plasticas = licenciatura, na Faculdade de Artes do Parana FAP (Dez/02). Durante a graduacao, cursou dentre outras, as seguintes cadeiras: - Curso de desenho (drawing) com Maze Mendes - Curso de desenho do corpo humano (human body) com Carmen Carini - Curso de gravura (engraving) com Rosane Schlogel - Curso de ceramica (ceramics) com Lirdi Jorge - Curso de materiais (study of materials) com Lorena Barolo Fernandes - Curso de composicao da figura (composition) com Ronald Simon - Curso de fotografia (photograph) com Marcelo Campos

Individuais (solo):

1997 - Galeria de Arte Sonia Filetti - 18 trabalhos = Curitiba = PR - Correios (Agencia Hauer) - 12 trabalhos = Curitiba = PR 1998 - SESC Centro - 20 trabalhos = Curitiba = PR 1999 - Clube Militar - 20 trabalhos = Rio de Janeiro = RJ - SESC Centro - 20 trabalhos = Curitiba = PR - Quixote Art Cafe - 22 trabalhos = Curitiba = PR 2000 - Estacao Arte - 30 trabalhos = Ponta Grossa = PR 2002 - Instituto de Engenharia do Parana - 18 trabalhos = Curitiba = PR 2006 - Galeria Area Artis - 38 trabalhos = Sao Paulo = SP 2007 - Galeria do Sobrado do Ramalho / IPHAN - 29 trabalhos = Tiradentes = MG 2008 = Forum da Cultura UFJF - 18 trabalhos = Juiz de fora = MG

and most of 50 group exibitions in Brazil..

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