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Rob Vermeer was born in 1944 in Haarlem the Netherlands. His artistic skills were already noticed when he was a boy and therefore he could visit 3 local artists to be inspired by their painting. After his start as a decorator and scene-painter he went on painting harbour and town views. But when he got interested in oriental philosophies his ideas about life and also his works started changing. When he visited Stonehenge in Great Britain where he had been sitting in this megalithic stone circle for one day long his way of painting took a complete new direction. As he says himself: Something became clear to me sitting there that day... something important. Since then I paint myth. My purpose is to say things that cannot be captured in words. Through images suffused with the power of true myth. Rob Vermeer's paintings are exhibited at galleries and museums in Almere, Nijmegen, Santpoort, the Hague and international, Malta and Curacao .. Many of his paintings were sold to public and private collectors. Articles on his work by wellknown Dutch newspapers and magazine.


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